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Unpleasant Stories and the Underbelly Counters

Everything has its negative side. Some like to present contrarian analysis about a situation which is a pretty way of saying the opposition talks its talk too.

Grumblings, rumors, ole talk, anti-PRG organizations within Grenada, concerned Grenadians speaking from overseas communities - all these things happened. Some produced printed documents. There was even a skillfully executed comic book issued in 1984.

The links below occurred during the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) watch. Such activities also occurred during the Gairy Government reign. Most of the information on this page is contained within the story of the Peoples Revolutionary Government [PRG].

The Queen's Park Bombing and the killing of Stran Phillip on the same day [19 June 1980] took place approximately two months after Stran Phillip wrote his tract titled The Truth of the Revolution in the first quarter of 1980.

One active organization was The Committee of Grenada Freedom Fighters Against Tyranny in Grenada (COGFFATIG). On 8 April 1980, this group distributed a five-page document titled MORE NEWS ABOUT BISHOP AND HIS ILLEGAL COMMUNIST REGIME IN GRENADA FROM CONCERNED GRENADIANS IN U.S.A. DEDICATED TO THEIR REMOVAL FROM POWER - COMMUNISM IN GRENADA WITH BISHOP AND HIS COMMUNIST NEW JEWEL GANG.

A leaflet was distributed in Grenada titled The People's Cry. This one-page flyer had the addition of illustration; a drawing of two eyes with tears flowing down.

Another tract revealed further organization outside of Grenada - this one from Concerned Grenadians in New York Dedicated to the Overthrow of the Communist New Jewel and a return to Constitutionality in Grenada.

Check on a Grenadian's anti-communist story Michael J. Sylvester and his political brief Perspectives of a New Communist State

A full-color, 8-page comic book produced by former PRG detainee A.C. "Clem" Langdon garnered attention. The title is Grenada, 1984 by A.C. Langdon. Below are the front and back pages.


There were more anti-PRG documents, some repetitive of those above and others with unverifiable and serious allegations.

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