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The personal became politicized in the years of the People's Revolutionary Government [PRG]. Such is human nature.

Accusations towards people became spotlighted in speeches and documents.

One such accusation was the charge of "ultra-leftist" towards the Budhlall brothers and others who wished to establish a people's cooperative at the River Antoine Estate. Seemed most people knew the names of the people the PRG were talking about - these "ultra-leftists."

Most likely the justification for this charge came from the People's Revolutionary Government [PRG] and People's Revolutionary Army [PRA] leaders and their understanding of Lenin. Specifically, the contents of Lenin's writings, titled "Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder" led to this charge.

In that book, Lenin wrote about these characteristics of left-wing communists:

. . . easily goes to revolutionary extremes, but is incapable of perseverance, organisation, discipline and steadfastness.

. . . to reject the permissibility of compromises in general, no matter what kind, is childishness.

. . . a state of mind is by itself insufficient for leadership of the masses in a great revolutionary struggle.

. . . diffuseness and instability, that incapacity for sustained effort, unity and organised action.

. . . spinelessness, disunity, individualism and alternating moves of rejection and elation.

. . . ridiculous pretentiousness . . .

. . . mistaken their desire, their politico-ideological attitude, for objective reality.

Engels said: "What childish innocence it is to present one's own impatience as a theoretically convincing argument.

Whether these charges or the general trend of these charges was true of the Budhlalls and the River Antoine Cooperative Farm group calls for further study and concentration. At play here is the power of implied authority - the authority of accusation, the authority of the PRG, and the authority of Lenin. Certainly control of the revolutionary way forward was at stake.

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