Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Report on certain political events
which occurred in Grenada 1976-1991



Section 1:



WITNESS EIGHT appeared before the Commission on the 8th of February, 2002. From Tivoli, St. Andrew. The witness stated his name and said

On June 20th, 1980, a fellow by the name of (xxx) came to my home and told me Captain (xxx) wanted to talk to me. I accompanied him to Pearls Airport. When I reached the Airport, Captain (xxx) and (xxx) came to the car, and (xxx) told me to push my hand through the door of the car, and I asked him why. He opened the car door and he put a handcuff on my hands. Captain (xxx) came out of the car and put his hand around my neck and told me let us walk. He asked me if I knew him and I told him I did.

He told me they sent him up here to clean up the mess, and unless they clean up the mess, they cannot go. I asked him what mess, and he told me I would know. (xxx) put handcuffs on my feet, and while standing there, he took about 3 or 4 steps back, took a speed, and kicked me in my back. I fell on the ground. There were some P.R.A. there, and when I fell, they started beating me on the ground. (xxx) stopped them and told them put me in the hut, so they moved me from the ground and put me in the hut. I remained there for about half an hour, then (xxx), (xxx), (xxx), (xxx), and (xxx) came up, and (xxx) asked them to bring him the rope. They brought a rope for him, and put me sit down on a board, supported by two blocks and an old engine iron. They stripped me naked, tied the rope around my waist and tied it to the engine. They (xxx) asked one of them to bring the pepper water and the salt water for him. (xxx) then asked me if I knew how they butcher a pig. I told him yes. (xxx) and (xxx) held my legs apart. (xxx) stooped in front of me and he said, "if you do not die, you would never be able to take a woman again." I said okay. He took one razor blade from the pack and sliced my balls. When he sliced it, I gave a jerk. When he sliced, (xxx) would pour the water. Afterwards, I did not feel anything, and they just continued to cut. They sliced me there about 3 or 4 times, and they left me there. Almost an hour after, they tied me to a picket on the ground outside. I stayed there for four days and four nights.

Q:  Commissioner:  Nothing to eat?
A: Witness: (xxx) came and he kicked me in the mouth. Two teeth broke and two fell out. They even shoved a hot iron up my bottom. (xxx) came up there and took me and brought me to the medical center. I remained there for six months. From there, they took me up to the prison. (xxx) came and when he saw me, he told them do not bring me in the hospital because I was damaged too much, so Cuban doctors attended to me there. I spent three years and three months in prison. I remained there until 1983.

I was told that they had compensation, and a lot of people came for. I went to the Governor General and he told me that they have some compensation and I went. I claimed $32,000.00. There was a case after I came from prison. I went to the Treasury and they told me that I did not have to come because a case was going on. They showed me a cheque, but they didn't give it to me. I did not get the money because during that time my case was going on. After a few years, I got $4,000.00 on December 12th, 1997.

Q:  Commissioner:  What case was this?
A: Witness: The case for what the police did to me. I have some documents. (The client then handed some documents to the Chairman of the T.R.C.).

Q:  Commissioner:  Were you one of the witnesses in the trial?
A: Witness: The Government had me as Crown Witness in the trial.

Q:  Commissioner:  What was your occupation?
A: Witness: Farming.

Q:  Commissioner:  Why did they pick you up?
A: Witness: I do not know. They came one day and told me I have to go to court. (xxx) was the magistrate at that time.

Q:  Commissioner:  Who was your lawyer?
A: Witness: He was the one who represented all the detainees. My case was thrown out because I had no one to represent me. They put me back in the prison after the case was finished.

[According to the witness, he was brought to court in Grenville after one year in prison. The charge was read to him was for withholding information.]

Q:  Commissioner:  You did not hear anybody say after, why they picked you up?
A: Witness: The (xxx) fellows were from Tivoli, and them and the Government had something. They came four or five times to ask me to join the militia, but I did not.

Q:  Commissioner:  Any of your friends were picked up?
A: Witness: No, only me.

Q:  Commissioner:  Were your brothers P.R.A.?
A: Witness: Yes, just one.

Q:  Commissioner:  During the time he was a P.R.A. he never said anything as to why they picked you up?
A: Witness: No. He was not there at the time. When he came home, they had already picked me up. He tried to find out and they never told him.

Q:  Commissioner:  Afterwards, you did not find out about the mess to be cleaned up?
A: Witness: While I was in the prison, I tried to find out. I said I did not understand because I had no business in that.

Q:  Commissioner:  Even up to now, you have not heard anything as to why they picked you up?
A: Witness: I did not want to go beyond that. I got the worst torture in Grenada. When I see how they treat me, people who got little torture walked out with so much, and I got so little.

Q:  Commissioner:  Your lawyer, Mr. (xxx) did not make a case on that?
A: Witness: He joined politics.

Q:  Commissioner:  What happened to (xxx), (xxx) and (xxx)?
A: Witness: They are outside. I have seen (xxx) in Grenville.

Q:  Commissioner:  What does he do?
A: Witness: He ended up in prison after thieving money from people.

Q:  Commissioner:  And (xxx)?
A: Witness: He was in Carriacou, but is back in Grenada. I saw him in St. George's.

Q:  Commissioner:  Do you speak to each other?
A: Witness: Yes, only (xxx) hides when he sees me.

Q:  Commissioner:  What does (xxx) do?
A: Witness: He drives a van or a tractor.

Q:  Commissioner:  Do you ever talk to (xxx) when you see him?
A: Witness: Yes. He was the first one that came to me to talk to me at my home saying sorry for what he did, and asked me for forgiveness. I told him I have nothing against him. After that (xxx) and (xxx) came and talked to me.

Q:  Commissioner:  The only thing you have before us in the compensation.
A: Witness: Yes. They promised me $10,000.00 as a start, and they gave me $4,000.00.

Q:  Commissioner:  When last you went to ask about the balance?
A: Witness: We went back last year.

The same day that Mr. (xxx) came to the T.R.C. he went to the Treasury and was told that about two or three years ago, they took away the cheques, so there are no cheques for detainees.

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