Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Report on certain political events
which occurred in Grenada 1976-1991



Section 1:



WITNESS FOUR of Marli, St. Patrick's, appeared before the Commission on November 12th, 2001. He was a member of the Royal Grenada Police Force from June 1977.

According to this witness,

On the 4th of November, 1979, 1 was in Morne Jaloux St. George's by a girlfriend of mine when some P.R.A. soldiers came and knocked on the door about 2:00 a.m. They asked me to accompany them. I got dressed and went in an open-back land rover. On arrival in the van, I met one (xxx) ... and another guy. They took us to Fort Rupert. On arrival, we were blindfolded, and some P.R.A. stretched open my hand and were bouncing me up against the vehicles in the yard. After a period of time, they put me sit down on the ground, with them in front of me, and I embraced them so my hand was on the first person's shoulder. Then they reversed a vehicle on my back and squeezed me forward in a lying position. I think I fainted, because I ended up in a room and I know I did not walk to it. In that room I heard people bawling and crying.

Q:  Commissioner:  Were you still blindfolded?
A: Witness: Yes I was. The skin on my shin peeled out, and I heard a woman soldier saying

Comrade, this man is bleeding to death, let me put some menthylated spirits on the wound.

The soldier replied,

Leave him, let him bleed and dead.

[The witness continued]

I was made to do pushups blindfolded, standing on one leg. Sometime later I was brought into the interrogation room. The guys who recently came out said that they were beating people inside there. On entering, I felt two heavy lashes on my chest, but I did not fall. One soldier said,

Comrade, this one strong. That Is the only one that didn't fall yet.

They started to ask if I was involved in a plot to overthrow the Government, and that they had photographs of me attending meetings. When I denied it, they beat up on me. I was beaten to accept that I went to a meeting with (a certain doctor) who up to this present day the doctor they were beating me for, I do not know him.

Q:  Commissioner:  They accused you of going to a meeting at that doctor?
A: Witness: "Yes. They accused me of plans to meet a boatload of mercenaries at Mt. Hartman. During the process that they were questioning me, I told them I knew nothing about it. There was a P.R.A. soldier (xxx) from Sauteurs. 1 knew him by his voice and he said,

Comrade, I know this man and, for him to speak. you must beat him.

The next day, they brought me back, into the, interrogation room. I was asked if I would go on radio and television and make a statement as to who were involved in the plot to overthrow the Government. I said,

I cannot lie on people and I don't think I could go on television and radio and lie on people I don't know; and furthermore, you bring me for interrogation and now you want me to make statement on radio?

Then the two guys held my both feet firm on the ground and they bang up my toes with a stick. They pound up my toenails so that they actually came out.

Q:  Commissioner:  How long did you remain there?
A: Witness: I spent forty two (42) days on Fort Rupert between cells and interrogation room.

Q:  Commissioner:  Then you went over to Richmond Hill Prison?
A: Witness: Yes. On the 16th December, 1979 1 was transferred to Richmond Hill Prison.

[The witness continued.]

During my time in the cell, a nurse passed and saw my condition and gave me some pain killers. I spent three (3) years and twelve (12) days there. I was released inn the 16th November 1982, and was asked to hand in my passport, and that I was not allowed to leave the state of Grenada. (xxx) who was the Commissioner of Police at the time, gave these instructions to the batch of detainees. Every fifteen days, I had to report to the Gouyave Police Station. I did that until the end of October 1983, because at that time the American soldiers would have come for the intervention.

Q:  Commissioner:  Were you paid for the three and a half (3) years you were in prison?
A: Witness: NNP compensated people for lost service, not for my wrongful imprisonment and unlawful dismissal.
This witness also revealed that there were blank detention orders were signed by Maurice Bishop, so that any P.R.A. officer could have inserted a name and detain a person without Bishop knowing, This witness is requesting compensation.

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