Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Report on certain political events
which occurred in Grenada 1976-1991




Section 6:


When one analyses the statement of the "Grenada 17", and compares it to the testimony of Dr. Robert Jordan, one cannot help but find intrigue and curiosity in the whole scenario. For example, if, as is stated in the submission of the "Grenada 17", a Captain Forde of the U.S. Forces announced to the press in November 1983, that they had found the bodies of Maurice and others at Camp Fedon, Calivigny, the assumption is that Maurice's remains were identified with the others, therefore his remains were recognized.

However, according to Dr. Jordan's testimony, when the remains of the bodies of those who were burnt at Camp Calivigny were brought in body bags to the laboratory at the St. George's University for examination, apparently there was not a trace of the remains of Maurice Bishop among them. Nothing that suggested that any parts of the remains belonged to Maurice.

The obvious question here is:

if, according to Captain Forde of the U.S. Forces, the remains of Maurice and others were found at Camp Fedon, Calivigny, what happened to the remains of Maurice between the time they were found at Camp Calivigny, and the examination at the laboratory at the St. George's University? Was Maurice's remains deliberately separated from the others and dealt with separately? Where they isolated from the others and taken away?

These and other such questions remain today unanswered.

The T.R.C. is convinced that if Maurice's remains were indeed found with the others at Camp Calivigny, there must be some person or persons somewhere who know what happened to his remains, or where they can be found, if they are at all retrievable.

In their submission to the T.R.C., the "Grenada 17" said that they are mystified by the failure of those who took possession of the remains after the invasion, to hand them over to their families. The question here, however, is:

Why didn't those who participated or were instrumental in the execution of Maurice and others, and were present on the Fort on October 19th, 1983, did not hand over the bodies to the families, or bring the bodies to the nearby mortuary in the hospital, or even give the bodies to some funeral undertaker so that their families could have retrieved the bodies of their loved ones, and have a proper burial?

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