Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Report on certain political events
which occurred in Grenada 1976-1991




Section 5:


According to the December 1986 issue of the Nation newspaper of Barbados, in a comprehensive report on the trial of the former members of the P.R.G. and P.R.A. called the "Bishop Trial Report", the following is part of the evidence that was given relating to the initial whereabouts of the bodies of some of those who were executed on Fort Rupert on 19th October 1983.

  1. Bodies loaded and taken to Camp Fedon, October 20th, 1983 - 5.00 a.m. Bodies dumped in an open hole and burnt and buried by Bernard and others:
    (Page 18).

  2. The following is an excerpt from the evidence given by Callistus Bernard (Abdullah) during the trial:

    . . . I then went and examine the bodies and made sure that they were dead. l told Warrant Officer Gabriel to get some blankets, wrap up the bodies and put them on a truck until further instructions.

    I then left the square and went and joined a meeting that was in progress in the Mess Hall at Fort Rupert, and chaired by Major Stroude. About 100 people attended that meeting and at the end of that meeting, I said, "Long Live the Revolution, Long Live Socialism". I then left and along with the other personnel of my armoured car, we went back to Fort Frederick on the car.

    I went back to Fort Rupert on the right of October 19th, 1983, about 11 p.m. and the bodies were on a truck. I drove my van there, and then the truck, driven by a man, whom I don't know, and about seven soldiers on it, left for Camp Fedon, Calivigny, with the bodies to be buried.

    I drove my van and followed them. When we reached a road in Calivigny, the truck stuck, so I had to transport the bodies in my van. When we reached Camp Fedon, a grave was already dug. So, we put in the bodies, poured gasoline on them and lit them. They burned until next day and then I covered the grave.

    When I covered the grave, only bones, little pieces of skull and stuff was in the grave.

    (Page 22)

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