Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Report on certain political events
which occurred in Grenada 1976-1991




Section 4:

Submission by Mr. Keith Scotland on Behalf of the "Grenada 17" (see Volume 2 Appendix B)

In a submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (T.R.C.), on behalf of members of the "Grenada 17", submitted by Keith Scotland, dated 20th May, 2002, the following statement was made regarding the remains of the bodies of those who were executed on Fort Rupert and burnt at Camp Calivigny.

We want to express to you too, our deep sorrow and apology for our failure to ensure that the bodies of your loved ones were not handed over to you during the 5 1/2 day period after the October 19th tragedy, and before the invasion. We want you to know that we do appreciate the tremendous additional grief and pain caused to you by this failure of ours. We also recognize your pain caused by the fact that to this day, the remains of your loved ones have not been handed over to you for a proper Christian burial.

We want you all to know that we did cooperate fully in the effort to locate the remains, including disclosing to the authorities in 1983, and again in 1996, all the information ever in the possession of members of the "Grenada 17" on this matter. We ask you to believe that if we had any knowledge at all as to the whereabouts of your relatives' remains, would disclose it to you without a moment's hesitation. However, we simply do not know where their remains are, because, to our knowledge, the American military took possession of the bodies of your relatives shortly after the invasion.

You may remember that in early November 1983, a Captain Forde of the US Forces here, announced to the press that they had found the bodies of Maurice and others at Camp Fedon, Calivigny. Then, at the 1986 "Maurice Bishop Murder Trial", the prosecution presented evidence confirming the recovery of the bodies. In particular, they presented jewelry which foreign military and police witnesses testified, were recovered with the bodies; and some members of the family of the deceased identified these in court as belonging to, and worn by their loved ones on October 19th, 1983. We are therefore as mystified as everyone else by the failure of those who took possession of the remain after the invasion, to hand them over to their families at anytime during the last fifteen and more years. It is our deepest and prayerful hope that these remains will finally be restored to you.

(See volume 2 Appendix B "Submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (T.R.C.) on behalf of members- of the Grenada 17, Appendix 5). Submitted by Keith Scotland, Attorney-At-Law, 20th May 2002.

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