Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Report on certain political events
which occurred in Grenada 1976-1991




Section 2:

Dr. Terrence Marryshow:

According to Dr. Terrence Marryshow who came to the T.R.C. on April 11th, 2002, and referring to the remains of Maurice Bishop and others who were slain on Fort Rupert on October 19th 1983, he said:

I did some research, and I understand that the bones were taken to the Medical School, and then given to Otway to be disposed of, but he does not remember where he buried them.

Q:  Commissioner:  The bodies are somewhere in Grenada?
A: Dr. Marryshow:  We simply do not know. Based on all information that we got, Nadia Bishop came to Grenada about four years ago, and with the help of some of the forensic experts that worked in the Oklahoma bombing, came and went digging. They dug a grave where we know that 13 soldiers were buried, and we know for a fact that they were not going to find anything in that grave. Some people were suggesting that there was another one where the remains might have been, but were never able to find anything.

Q:  Commissioner:  Has anyone dug close to that?
A:  Dr. Marryshow:  Yes.

Q:  Commissioner:  Do you think any of those in there would know where any bodies are?
A:  Dr. Marryshow:  I don't think so.

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