Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Report on certain political events
which occurred in Grenada 1976-1991



Section 1:


During its Inquiry several persons who testified before the Commission claimed compensation for various reasons including loss/damage to property, personal injury and wrongful dismissal from employment and wrongful detention. A list of these persons and the reasons for their claims appears in this section.

Of course, come whose claims for compensation have not been addressed or only partly dealt with, saw the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as another Claims Commission and so expected it to bring finality to that vexed question. But while this Commission listened to matters concerning claims for compensation and recognized the need for settlement, it recorded those presentations requiring attention, and indicated the nature of the claims reported for compensation.

A more comprehensive assessment of the question of compensation appears on Part 4 and Part 6 of this Report.

The following is a list of persons who requested compensation and reasons for such request.

Thelma Phillip Broken Leg
Thomas Gilbert Unlawful detention for 2 years 3 months - leading up to October 1984 - unpaid portion of claim
Teddy Victor Loss of earnings - (farming business)
David Stanisclaus Loss of earnings as an agricultural worker due to arrest and imprisonment
Theresa Braveboy Disposal of imported car while at customs - requests payment of balance
Goldfinger Joseph Loss of personal belongings as a result of being detained
Reginald Phillip Loss of animals, crops and other possessions as a farmer - requested unpaid balance on agreed sum, and wrongful dismissal
Winston Collins Wrongful dismissal by PSC after working for ten years. He went before the Claims Commission but received nothing
Lester Desouza Made claim to Claims Commission on behalf of himself and two brothers. He was partially compensated.
Michael Kenneth Andrews Claims for compensation for loss of property
Stafford Moore Claims compensation for wrongful dismissal as prisons officer
Theresa Edwards Worked as a clerk on Grenada Agricultural Farms in Paradise, St Andrew's, from 1969 to July 14, 1979. She claims wages for dismissal from work without pay.
Simon St Bernard Claims payment for 5 months vacation leave due to him at time of dismissal
Rita Bailey Seeking compensation for her then 15-year-old daughter who died in bomb blast and the procurement of a leg for the other who lost her leg.
Terrie Regis Wrongful detention and loss of earnings
Winston Courtney Loss of salary during detention and gratuity thereafter
Kenny Jawahir Salary saved in Army's Credit Union
Alexis Simon Personal injury loss of arm on Fort Rupert on October 19th, 1983
Ethelstan P. Friday Occupation of property at Richmond Hill by prison authorities
Dawne Patrice Damage to property by PRG soldiers and for money confiscated by them and wrongful detention
Margaret Dubisette Shooting death of father of her children by U. S. soldiers and injury to her daughter as a result of a bullet
Yero Jabbar Wrongful detention and personal injuries during detention
Winston Simon Wrongful detention, torture and serious personal injuries
Onrad Nelson Wrongful detention and personal injury
Lidj Tafari Wrongful detention, ill-treatment during detention and loss of property
Claude Regis Wrongful detention, wrongful dismissal as prison officer
Simon St. Bernard Five months holiday pay due and owing as member of the Royal Grenada Police Force [name also entered elsewhere in this list]
Jeffery Marryshow Wrongful detention
Kade Layne Wrongful detention
Michael Kenneth Andrews Wrongful detention and unsettled property matter [name also entered elsewhere in this list]
Theresa Beckles Wrongful detention and and dismissal of her husband as prison officer
Lester Desouza Wrongful detention and confiscation of personal property [name also entered elsewhere in this list]
Stafford Moore Wrongful dismissal as prison officer [name also entered elsewhere in this list]
Godwin Charles Wrongful detention and loss of earnings during detention
Benedict Henry Wrongful detention and ill-health during detention
Michael Mark Wrongful detention and personal injuries
Floyd Bishop Compensation for father's disappearance
Rodney Garraway Wrongful detention
Michael Francis Wrongful dismissal as a prison officer
Winston Collins Wrongful dismissal as a prison officer [name also entered elsewhere in this list]
Bentley Samuel Wrongful dismissal as a prison officer
Samuel Bonaparte Wrongful detention
Neville James Personal injury on Fort Rupert during employment on October 19, 1983
Anthony Jones Wrongful detention, torture and personal injuries
David Coomansingh Wrongful detention and difference owing on loss of salary
Claudius Coutain Wrongful detention, wrongful dismissal as police officer, and personal injuries

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