Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Report on certain political events
which occurred in Grenada 1976-1991




This enquiry has been concluded on the premise that Grenadians need to know the truth about the past in order to be reconciled presently and for the future. Knowing the truth for the purpose of reconciliation is not an option, but a must.

The period 1976-1991 is a significant chapter in the history of Grenada and truth is the basic ingredient that history is really made of. The political events of those years have created a sub-culture of fear, distrust and disharmony among many Grenadians; and these divisive elements must be dispelled if healing and reconciliation are to be achieved, and a peaceful and democratic society built on the ruins of the past, a past which must be purified in the hearts of the Grenadian people.

All governments, present and succeeding, should feel, and be obliged to respect the civil, political and social rights of citizens and the traditional lawful institutions of the Grenadian society; and all responsible representatives of the people must be committed to freeing posterity from the fetters of the past.

Several countries around the world have recognized the need to establish appropriate agencies for stimulating a process of healing and reconciliation in their troubled and fragmented societies, notably: South Africa, El Salvador, Rwanda, Ghana, Liberia, and others.

But it is to the unique credit of the Grenadian people that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Grenada is the first and so far the only of its kind in the Caribbean.

This historic initiative, and the consequences of this Commission's Report, may well prove to be exemplary precedents for settling recurring and residual differences among the people of other countries within the region, and beyond.


Donald A.B. Trotman
Chairman, T.R.C.

Mark Haynes Bishop Sehon Goodridge
Commissioner, T.R.C. Commissioner, T.R.C.

Date:- 28th March 2006

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