Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Report on certain political events
which occurred in Grenada 1976-1991

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SECTION 1: Legislation governing the appointment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (T.R.C.)

SECTION 2: Mandate and Terms of Reference of the T.R.C.

SECTION 3: Methodology and functioning of the T.R.C.

Summary of the periods under review

SECTION 1: Pre-Revolutionary Period: 1976-1979

SECTION 2: Revolutionary Period: 1979-1983

SECTION 3: Post-Revolutionary Period: 1983-1991

Other areas examined by the T.R.C.

SECTION 1: Compensation requested by victims during the period under review


Obstacles to healing and reconciliation in Grenada as identified by the T.R.C.


SECTION 2: The continued absence of the remains of those who were executed on Fort Rupert on October 9th, 1983 - RECOMMENDATION

SECTION 3: Non-compensation and lack of adequate compensation to victims and families of victims who died or suffered during the period under review - RECOMMENDATION

SECTION 4: Monuments, memorials and dates for public holidays - RECOMMENDATION

SECTION 5: The continued incarceration of the former leaders of the P.R.G. and P.R.A. (also known as "the Grenada 17") - RECOMMENDATION

SECTION 6: Socio-political obstacle - RECOMMENDATION

SECTION 7: Lack of political and personal responsibility - RECOMMENDATIONS

SECTION 8: Unwillingness to reconcile - RECOMMENDATION


SECTION 10: Concern for Victims - RECOMMENDATION

The bodies/remains

SECTION 1: Testimony of and interview with Dr. Robert Jordan of St. George's University

SECTION 2: Dr. Terrence Marryshow

SECTION 3: Mr. Alister Hughes

SECTION 4: Excerpt from the memorandum submitted by Keith Scotland on behalf of the "Grenada 17"

SECTION 5: Excerpt from the 1986 issue of the Nation newspaper of Barbados

SECTION 6: Assessment

SECTION 7: Testimony of Mrs. Annie Bain (wife of the executed Norris Bain)

SECTION 8: Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C., 12th December 1983, Consultant Report

SECTION 9: [Omitted - Reproduction Difficulties] Chapters 2-6 from the booklet "Under Cover of Darkness," by the Young Leaders of Presentation College 2000 and 2002, Grenada [RECOMMENDATION IN THIS FILE]

Evidence of witnesses

SECTION 1 [Introduction]: Evidence and testimony of some of the persons who came before the Commission. Verbal interaction between witnesses and commissioners.

SECTION 1 [Witness One]:

SECTION 1 [Witness Two]:

SECTION 1 [Witness Three]:

SECTION 1 [Witness Four]:

SECTION 1 [Witness Five]:

SECTION 1 [Witness Six]:

SECTION 1 [Witness Seven]:

SECTION 1 [Witness Eight]:

SECTION 2: Assessment of evidence and testimony of witnesses

Obstacles to the functioning of the T.R.C.


SECTION 2: Administrative and logistical obstacles

Some matters of concern that came to the attention of the T.R.C. during its inquiry

Other relevant recommendations

Concluding statement



NOTE: Volume 2 is 1 inch thick, filled with photocopies of documents, books and newspapers, and materials that are too much of a challenge to reproduce. The contents are listed below for informational purposes. No links are provided and Volume 2 contents will not be available on this website.

  1. Terms of Reference of the T.R.C.
  2. Memoranda received by the T.R.C.
  3. Other documents received by the T.R.C.
  4. Public outreach meetings
  5. Questionnaire and analysis
  6. Press releases
  7. "To the Point" - Morning Radio Programme
  8. Notes of meeting between the T.R.C. Grenada, and a delegation from South Africa which included members of the South African T.R.C.
  9. Notes of meeting between the T.R.C. and the Conference of Churches Grenada
  10. Organizations and groups invited to meet with the T.R.C.
  11. Persons and organizations who came before the Commission and of those who sent memoranda
  12. Persons whom the T.R.C. made courtesy calls
  13. List of known injured persons
  14. Persons who made contributions at public symposia of the T.R.C.
  15. Field Officer's Report
  16. Newspaper clippings:

    Grenada Today: September 7th 2001 - Members sworn in for new Commission of Inquiry.

    The Grenadian Voice: October 20th 2001 - Several witnesses testify in first sitting of the Truth and Reconciliation [Commission session]

    Grenada Today: October 12th 2001 - Truth and Reconciliation letter

    The Grenadian Voice: March 9th 2002 - People in Mt. Rich unburden to the Truth and Reconciliation [Commission]

    The New Grenadian: April 1984 -

    "It must never happen again"

  17. BISHOP TRIAL REPORT - December 1986 - by the Nation newspaper of Barbados. Referred to, and examined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  18. Names of some other relevant documents referred to, and examined by the T.R.C. during its inquiry


NOTE: Volume 3 is not available at this time to the web administrator. No links are provided and Volume 3 contents are not be available at this website.

  1. Letters received by the T.R.C.

  2. Letters sent by the T.R.C.

Text of submission of T.R.C. Report to His Excellency the Governor-General, by the Chairman of the T.R.C.


His Excellency Sir Daniel Williams, GCMG, Q.C.
Governor-General of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique
Government House
St. George's


Donald Trotman
Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission


Submission of the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission


March 28, 2006

May it please Your Excellency,

On the 4th September 2001, pursuant to the provisions of the Commission of Inquiry Act, you appointed His Lordship Bishop Sehon Goodridge, the Reverend, Father Mark Haynes and myself to be and act as Commissioners, to inquire into and record certain political events which occurred in Grenada during the period 1st January, 1976 to 31st December 1991, and to report and make recommendations on matters relating to them with particular attention being given to the following objectives:

  1. the events leading up to and including those of 13th March, 1979 and repercussions;

  2. the shooting deaths of various persons at Plains, Mount Rose and Mount Rich in St. Patrick's during the period 13th March [1979] to 31st December 1983;

  3. the events leading up to and including those of 19th October 1983 with particular reference to the following:

    1. the root causes of the general political turmoil in the State;

    2. the circumstances surrounding the deaths of various persons, including the Prime Minister and other Ministers of Government, on what was then referred to as Fort Rupert (now Fort George);

    3. to ascertain as far as it is practicable the identities and total number of persons who lost their lives on Fort Rupert;

    4. the disposal of the bodies of those who lost their lives on Fort Rupert;

  4. foreign intervention by armed forces of the United States and the Caribbean in October, 1983.

The Terms of Reference of the Commission required us to report and make recommendations within three months from the date of the last sitting of the Commission or the hearing of evidence or within a reasonable period thereafter.

It is regretted that due to causes and circumstances not entirely related to our own shortcomings, we are only now able to submit this Report to Your Excellency, but we crave your indulgence, none-the-less, to pardon us for the delay.

Many factors have combined and contributed to disrupt the speedier functioning of the Commission, the more timely progress of its inquiry, and even to frustrate its efforts towards earlier completion of this Report. Throughout much of its work, the Commission suffered from several setbacks occasioned by the administration; inadequate logistical and financial. arrangements; insufficient support staff and secretariat accommodation; and some unwilling and uncooperative official personnel. However, we feel gratified to report that more recently, some genuine efforts were made to rectify these situations.

Then, just when the Commission was settling down to continue its inquiry, the intervening ravages of Hurricanes Ivan and Emily inflicted prolonged periods of disability on the people of Grenada and on the functioning capacity of the administration and of the Commission.

But it would be unfair to cast blame on other persons and on other factors without assuming some responsibility for the consequences of our own trespasses and recognising the effects of our own misfortunes: The inability, at times, of two member--, of the Commission, (the Chairman and another} who live outside Grenada, to commute more often and more punctually; the difficulty in concurring more readily and more consistently among ourselves on several issues; and the most unfortunate illness of the Commission's valued member, Bishop Goodridge, which prevented him from taking part in the later stages of the Commission's work and deprived the Commission of his contribution during it's closing deliberations.

But in spite of all these constraints, we have held steadfast to our task and tried, as best we could, to be faithful to the Terms of Reference of our Commission, to achieve the objectives stipulated therein and to obey the mandate of our appointment.

Enquiring into causes and consequences of evil deeds engendered in the minds of men and women can never be an easy matter; and searching for truth which lies buried under countless horrors of violent conflicts, gross violations with informed memories and the overgrowth of thirty years, is neither a pleasant nor an enviable experience.

During the course of its inquiry and searches the Commission, inter alia heard evidence, interviewed persons with informed memories, examined circumstances which existed, and events which occurred during a period of fifteen (15) years in the past (1976 to 1991), with a view to making findings and recommendations that would create opportunities for forgiveness and reconciliation among relevant parties affected by these circumstances and events; and that could help to heal wounds so that they do not fester into the future. The end of this Odyssey is evidenced in the three volumes of our written report.

Those who must be involved in this process of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation, are required to have courage, magnanimity and big hearts. These same qualities, your Commissioners wish to think, must have been possessed in good measure by those who were inspired to conceive the idea of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and by those who invested us with the authority to undertake our inquiry.

We wish we could have done what we were supposed to do in shorter time and with less delay. However, we take comfort in knowing that good things come to those who wait.

This is a time to redeem the past - a time to heal.

It is our sincere desire that the efforts of our Commission and the implementation of relevant recommendations in our Report, would achieve the intended objective of bringing closure to old wounds of the past, so that the people and nation of Grenada could move forward with renewed hope and life and spirit.

May it please Your Excellency, I have the honour to now submit to you this Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Justice Donald Trotman


The TRC wishes to acknowledge the contribution of the following persons:

His Excellency, The Governor-General Sir Daniel Williams
Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Dr. Keith Mitchell
Mr. Lawrence Joseph - Facilitator to the Commission
Ms. Claudette Joseph - Former Secretary
Mrs. Eleanor Glasgow - Former Secretary and Field Officer
Ms. Nisha McIntyre - Interim Secretary
Ms. Annette Henry - Secretary

Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Department

Mr. Adrian Hayes
Mrs. Gemma Bain-Thomas
Ms. Nadica McIntyre
Mrs. Elizabeth Greenidge
Mrs. Margaret Jawahir

Secretariat Staff and Assistants

Mr. Julius St. Clair - Field Officer
Ms. Josephine McGuire - PRO to the Commission
Registrar and Staff of the Supreme Court Registry
Mr. Max Phillip - Transportation
Ms. Coreen McBurnie - Secretarial Assistant
Ms. Karlene Smith - Secretarial Assistant
Ms. Cindy-Ann Roberts - Secretarial Assistant
Ms. Susan Mitchell - Office Attendant
Ms. Juanella Sandy - Secretarial Assistant

Police Officers who maintained security at the Scott Street Secretariat.

Witnesses who appeared and gave testimony.

Those who submitted memoranda and those who communicated verbally and through written correspondence to the Commission.

Those on whom courtesy calls were made by the Commission.

Chairpersons, organizers, and all those who participated in the public outreach meetings in Grenada and Carriacou.

Keith Scotland, Attorney-at-Law for the "Grenada 17".

Conference of Churches Grenada - delegation.

WPC, Vah Harford of the Royal Grenada Police Force - Poem entitled "Truth and Reconciliation".

The South African Delegation comprising Honourable Dullah Omar, Minister of Transport and Former Minister of Justice.

Prof. M.R. Rivelamire, Special Adviser to the Minister of Transport.

His Excellency Thanduyise Henry Chilifa, South African High Commissioner to Grenada.

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