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They took the show off the road . . .
left me standing in the shadow

Beres Hammond and Derrick Lara

The Tragedy of 19 October 1983

On Wednesday, 19 October 1983, Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, three members of his Cabinet, one labor leader, and three businessmen were shot down execution style in the inner courtyard at Fort Rupert against a wall where a basketball hoop once was a spot of comraderie. Those murdered were:

Maurice Bishop, Prime Minister
Unison Whiteman, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jacqueline Creft, Minister of Education
Norris Bain, Minister of Housing
Fitzroy Bain, President of the Agricultural and General Workers Union
Evelyn Maitland, male, owner of Maitland's Garage
Keith Hayling, Production Manager, Marketing and National Import Board (MNIB)
Evelyn Bullen, male, Manager of M.A. Bullen Insurance

Tbe killings were over by 1:15 p.m.

Execution Wall at Fort Rupert
2002, photo by Ann Elizabeth Wilder

The late author William Styron's focused theme is "the catastrophic propensity on the part of human beings to attempt to dominate one another." The consequences of this theme, as played out in the tragedies of Grenada, reverberates to this day.

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