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Fight! Why Are You Fighting Yourself in Trouble? Stop!

Fight! Why Are You Fighting Yourself in Trouble? Stop!
Look Around! The Counter-revolutionaries and Opportunist Elements are in the P.R.G.
(Petty-Bourgeois Reformist Government)

Comrades, I hope by now most of you have had the opportunity to read the article entitled "Workers & Youths! Don't Get Used" of the FIGHT organ of the N.J.M. National Youth Organisation dated March 10th, Vol. 3. No. 5. I also hope that it was not surprising to any one of you who have read the article, with the line it carried. However with your permission I would like to make mention to the main parts highlighted in the article.

"Some mis-guided workers and youths of La Poterie, incited and misled by one or two politically unstable, self-seeking youths, arbitrarily seized River Antoine Estate and turned it into what they called a "collective people's farm"; they never consulted Government, NJM or the Union; such acts will not better the conditions of the workers, it can only lead to disorganization, chaos and the wrecking of the economy for example businesses and firms will begin to close down, some people will be thrown out on the streets as unemployed and thus creating more hardship on the back of the people; from being revolutionary, such acts are counter-revolutionary in their results; such madness can only lay the basis for counter-revolution; Grenadian youths must beware of those two self-seeking youths and probably others who come shouting high sounding revolutionary phrases, always inciting, always stirring up trouble; but who never consult with P.R.G. or NJM when have proven with deeds their care in the interest of the people; youths must ask why are these revolutionary phrase mongers afraid of consulting the genuine and honest leaders of the people to take desperate actions; what is their real aim? Youths must be on guard against those who will try to use genuine hardships to incite confusion and chaos; we know that some workers have genuine problems and suffer some hardships; but we must not let small groups of opportunist use these to lead us astray; NJM is a working people's party; when have any problem check the party; the government is for all working people, always consult them."

Comrades, I would like you to study very carefully the respond of the selected leaders of the NJM Youth Organisation to the River Antoine question. When you have completed that study, base on your correct understanding of the River Antoine Question, I would suggest that each of you make an analysis of the article relating to the present stage of the revolutionary process, which you can read on the article "N.J.M. RESPONSE TO THE RIVER ANTOINE QUESTION PUZZLES", the final article of this booklet.

Comrades, my position on the article of the FIGHT is this, whenever there is a revolution in a country, the first great problem of the revolution is how to combat and overcome the influence of old ideas, old traditions, old prejudices, to know who are the real friends of the revolution and who are the real enemies of the revolution, how to make the ideas of the revolution gain ground and become common knowledge to all. The problem of choosing the correct road forward. The FIGHT is confuse, just doesn't know what tot tell to the youths and how to tell it to them. So they are directing their punches against the wrong people. It again confirms the well established fact that whenever revolutionary movement emerges from petty-bourgeois environment, they first tend to underestimate the proletarian and communist elements, thus holding on to elements of nationalism and anti-communism for a long time. This is why ever the left-wing spokesman of the N.J.M. sometimes maintain strange theories, fighting against local communist but at the same time have nothing against communism in theory and are in favour of co-operating with external communism, the socialist countries to see what he can get, that comrades is opportunism. And such attempt to wage a struggle on two fronts have historically proven toward complete isolation. We can take the example of General [Abdel Karim] Kassen who in 1958 headed the anti-monarchistic coup in Iraq and did the [same?] thing and fell by victim to a military coup in 1963.


In 1970 the Popular Unity Alliance headed by Salvador Allende with a programme reflecting the need to overcome backwardness and poverty, eliminate foreign domination and oligarchy rule, won 36.3 percent of the vote in the election, thus making it the major force in the society. For the first time in the history of Chilie (sic) there was a progressive government formed and went on to carry out some far-reaching changes by nationalizing the major copper and iron mines, transferring the saltpeter and coal mine to the state and establishing a public economic sector by socialising the banks, big-monopoly owned by foreign and home trade concerns. The Popular Unity Government accomplished an agrarian reform eliminating the latifundia and transferring the land to those who work it, nationalizing 368 farms estates.

This move however, hurt the local reactionary classes and American Imperialism severely, thus intensifying their attacks against progress by using C.I.A. Agents in launching counter revolution activities. The Popular Unity Government having too many ideological tendencies among its rank, failed to aid the revolutionary process with a common unity of ideological leadership, armed with the principles of scientific socialism (Marxism-Leninism). They failed to unite the revolutionary forces in the country, thus strengthening unity of the people and at the same time isolating reaction, thwarting its subversive plans, preventing foreign interference, rebuffing imperialist pressure and introduced revolutionary democracy sufficiently in the state bureaucracy; to win over the Army on the side of the r evolutionary forces and to struggle against the influence of the backward reactionary elements in its rank. Their failure to solve the complex economic problems created by the imperialist economic blocade (sic).

Most P.R.G. members make reference to the Chilean experience when trying to understand the River Antoine Question. Their usual argument is rest upon the action of some ultra-leftist group in Chile, who went and took over small estates of no economic importance shortly after Allende's move and nationalized 368 farm estates and giving the lands to those who worker there. These small holdings over 200,000 of them each about the size of 40 hectares i.e. approximately 110 acres did not fall under the government immediate agrarian reform programme. Comrade Louis Corvalan in his report to the central committee of the Communist Party of Chile admitted that necessary measures should be taken to assist farmers in forming cooperatives as a replacement of the individual holdings.

So I cannot see the reason why the P.R.G. using reference of the Chilean experience, specifically the case of the estate seizure to denounce the workers move on the River Antoine Estate. I think their reference is out of contex (sic). Why don't the PR.G. make a serious attempt to resolve the land question on the island.

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