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PRG Says Workers Aren't Ready Yet for Freedom

[hand printed] P.R.G. Says Workers Arn't Ready Yet
for F R E E D O M

Comrades, some leaders of the "Petty-bourgeois Reformist Government", and do not be surprised of the name, for they are not worthy to be called the "People's Revolutionary Government', they have since for quite some time, just to be exact, six months after the triumph of our glorious March 13th Revolution cease to be called revolutionary. For they are up to this present moment fail to bring forth a Workers Outlook within themselves; failure of their priority programmes to reflect a revolutionary orientation and their continuing class collaboration with the dominant bourgeois rulling (sic) class. These factors have undoubtedly discredit them of the name "revolutionary". However, I was making the point that quite a few members of the Petty-bourgeois Reformist Government are going about telling the public that the workers on the River Antoine Estate are not prepared for the introduction of collective ownership; they do not have the skills to manage the means of production (rum factory and agricultural lands) on the River Antoine Estate. But Comrades, we must remember that this was the argument of the slave-owning class in Grenada, when in 1832 two years before the legal abolition of slavery in the British Colonies, the plantation owners insisted that the slaves should learn to enjoy liberty before given freedom; that the church (religious arm of the oppressive colonial state apparatus) should prepare the Negro laves for liberty by teaching them blindly the knowledge of the scriptures and of religious duties, thus poisoning their mind, instilling fear and submission for the future mental enslavement of this race. So we find that slavery was abolished in the physical sense, but until today continues in the mentality of some Grenadians.

This Comrades was also the argument of the serf-owning class in countries where radical agrarian reform were introduced. When the revolutionary leaders of these countries advocated measures that were going to strengthen the revolutionary movement; strengthen the struggle for freedom from feudal exploitation, the land barons complained, they protested viciously; they said that the peasants were not prepared for emancipation, they wanted the poor peasants to continue living in this mitigated slave conditions, poverty, ignorance, destitution, social misery, conditions of brutal exploitation. While on the other hand those wretched exploiters wallowed in luxury.

Comrades, our ultimate aim is to abolish for-ever the distinction between rich and poor in this country, this we know is a socialist aim, we also know that to accomplish this aim it will take us some time to do so, we are quite aware of that, but what we are saying it this, that in this unique period of revolutionary transformation we are duty bound to advocate revolutionary measures in words and deeds that would ensure the correct bearing, the correct path, the correct road forward. And one of these measure is not only to immediately advance an agrarian land programme but also to advocate practical measures which can be immediately realised in the interests of the agricultural labourers and small farmers, in short in the interest of the peasant agrarian revolution. Not the once every month two pounds dry protein-less free milk that these petty bourgeois opportunist give to the hard working poor people in this country; not the "mirage' housing loan of $1000.00 they keep promising five (5) workers on the River Antoine Estate knowing damn well that this "chicken-crumbs" cannot ease the hundreds of years of suffering of the workers. Even though, if any of the five workers were to receive one piece of board from the house, it means that the house will fall apart, and $1000.00 cannot build a new house for a family of seven.

In addition, the workers would not be able to pay back this loan, simply because they have a perpetual budget-gap problem. A typical family of seven with both father and mother earning six and five dollars ($6 & $5) respectively, they receive $110.00 per fortnight, spend about $50.00 food, $15.00 for housing, $15.00 for clothing, $10.00 for medical care, $15.00 on education for the children, $10.00 for transportation, $10.00 for personal things, $5.00 for entertainment (rum and cigarettes), $10.00 for household furnishings and $5 for other little expenses, you will find that this family expenditure amounts to $145.00 per fortnight. Where on the other hand their earnings amount to $110.00. It mean therefore, that this family goes into debt to continue owing, $35.00 a fortnight to some friends, shopkeeper or bank. Now if this family has to pay back a loan of $1000.00 for repairs on his house, he will have to cut short expenditure on basic necessities, this family will have to lower its standard of living.

And comrades, if we analyse just for a moment the consumer habits of some of the members in the Petty-bourgeois Government (P.R.G.) who are suggesting jail for the workers and their supporters you would be surprise to know that these pseudo-revolutionaries always go for the latest fashions in wear from New York, Europe, Holly-wood, their taste for foreign food stuffs (tinned meat, vegetables, fish, milk), uncle-ben's rice, kenturkey's (sic) fries, white label scotch whiskey, just name it, the most fashionable expensive automobile, changing one every now and then, the most luxurious home, they live exactly as if they were in New York City, the citadel of imperialism. And comrades, side by side with all this there is this terrifying misery of the workers.

As revolutionaries, we must choose between luxuries and saving the lives of the poor humble workers, their children, educating them and creating conditions for their future. Our economy cannot afford this luxurious life of some members of the P.R.G., we must not feel comfortable living in a society where government officials wallow in luxury and where on the other hand, workers who have worked for over fifty years and now cripple and are receiving a pension of three dollars ($3.00) per week, from which he has to pay for food, clothing, house repairs and medical care; where management of private enterprise is preparing coffins for workers with their names on before death' where management continues to insult, instill (sic) blows on the backs of workers with cutlass; where management continues to over-work and under-pay workers; where management is prejudice against workers, subjecting them to the most inhuman form of exploitation. We cannot build a society that is morally and spiritually bankrupt. We know for a fact, that one of the main objective of our revolution is to build a humane society, to struggle against the brutal exploitation of man by man that transformed human society into a jungle where the survival of the strongest, the fittest, the most astute, the most wealthy is the LAW. NO, we must struggle for a society that makes it possible for men not to be each others' enemy, not to be devourers of other men, but to be brothers, to become human beings capable of feeling love and capable of feeling the need to work together, to sacrifice themselves for others.

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