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The Workers Demands

[hand cursive] The Workers Demands

[typed] The River Antoine Workers are demanding an increase of $14.00 for pensioners, from the $6, they are receiving every fortnight to $20.00.

At the age of retirement, workers are demanding $100. for every year retroactive from the first day they began working on the estate, so that if a worker gave service for 50 years, that worker is entitle (sic) to $5,000.00 at the time of retirement.

The workers are demanding a percentage of the profits of the estate at the end of its financial year and a copy of the audited accounts.

They are demanding the formation of a management committee comprising workers and manager for administration of the estate.

They are demanding insurance benefits for damages suffered during the process of production, while working on the estate.

An increase in daily wages for workers (skill) in the rum factory and payment for overtime, an increase from $6.15 to $12.40.

Payment for overtime to truck drivers and any other worker who do overtime.

The workers are demanding an increase in daily wages from six dollars to a reasonable wage scale that would guarantee to them, their basic needs (food, clothing, housing, education for their children) and the fulfillment of the legal principle EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK.

Those are the major immediate demands of the agricultural and factory workers on the River Antoine Estate.


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