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Draft Resolution:
For the Taking-Over of the River Antoine Estate by the Workers of this Estate and People of La Poterie


Where as the Workers of the River Antoine Estate and the people of La Poterie who depend on the estate for their only source of little income, continue to be brutally exploited for almost over one hundred (100) years by the De Gale Family.

  1. that this one hundred years of feudal exploitation is the root of the community having become poor and backward;

  2. the workers human dignity being denied, compelled to live in conditions of social inferiority;

  3. their standard of living continues to be incredibly low, take for example a case where in a single one-room (9 x 15) ft. JanetHouse, with its flooring almost falling apart, roofing unable to withstand and protect the family of ten children and two adults crammed in this little house from the weather;

    With a kerosene lamp as their only form of lighting, the people of La Poterie staple diet is compose of only vegetables, coconut and beans, their daily diet with a deficiency (sic) of less than 900 calories accounts for the constant increase in malnutrition, tuberculosis, parasitic diseases and other similar illness;

    Having to use wood chips as their source of fuel for cooking whenever there is a heavy rain most family especially the children suffer from severe hunger;

  4. considering that there are about three hundred (300) acres of fertile idle lands part of River Antoine Estate, while on the other hand about two hundred able-body unemployed youths, whose parents have toil, their bones, blood, sweat and tears buried and fertile the soil of the estate, starving for empty lands to establish Agricultural Cooperative Production Farms; [Bishop's copy shows he underlined Agricultural Cooperative Production Farms]

  5. the starvation wages given to the workers on the Estate have forced their children to leave school quote at an early age to work on the estate so as to assist their parents to meet the cost of living, as a result of illiteracy and ignorance are today rampant in the village;

    Many intellects were lost, many geniuses remain uncultivated for lack of opportunity, many brilliant talents never blossomed, never brought into the world, simple (sic) because the River Antoine Agricultural Workers could not afford to send their children to school;

  6. also considering that pensioners in the village of La Poterie who have worked on the River Antoine Estate for all their able years receive three dollars ($3.00) per week from which they are expected to pay for food, housing, clothes, health care and other necessities;

  7. the workers daily wages of five and six dollars ($5 & $6) as against the high cost of living continue to strangle the workers with an ever-lasting budget gap problem;

  8. the system of colonial exploitation entrenched in the pattern of ownership of the River Antoine Estate is the result of the sad situation facing the workers and people of La Poterie who depend on the land for their only survival, while the fruits of their labour continue to fill the pockets of the De Gale Family.


As from today Wednesday, 13th of February, 1980, the River Antoine Estate private property of the De Gale Family has now become the COMMON PROPERTY of the WHOLE PEOPLE of La Poterie whose parents have worked the estate over a period of one hundred years (100);

that private ownership of the River Antoine Estate is today abolished forever and has become common ownership of the people of La Poterie;

that the lands of the new PEOPLES COLLECTIVE FARM shall not be sold, purchased, leased, mortgaged or otherwise alienated;

that all lands, livestock, implements, buildings and everything pertaining thereto, shall be placed at the disposal of the workers of the PEOPLES COLLECTIVE FARM;

that the People's Revolutionary Government pass a DECREE giving the people of La Poterie legal ownership of the said estate;

that the People's Revolutionary Government pass a DECREE to take over the accounts of the River Antoine Estate and transfer to the name of THE PEOPLES COLLECTIVE FARM and deposit at the Grenada National Bank at Grenville in the parish of St. Andrew's.

APPROVED on the 13th day of February 1980 by all workers on the River Antoine Estate and People of La Poterie.

Signed [handwritten]

Brenda Phillip, Cosnel Paul
Theresa Peters; Lausman Charles
Patrick Bhola; Clara Williams
Anesthesia Phillip
Stephen Augustine

[identified in typewriting as]
Members of Management
Committee of the
Peoples Collective Farm.

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