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The minutes of the June 14-16, 1981 Central Committee meeting said that

a rally would be held on June 19, the first anniversary of the Queens Park bombing, with the theme 'The Revolution Must Be Respected'; and this slogan was to be painted in front of the businesses and homes of the 26.

On 18 June 1981, the New Jewel Movement published the 4-page broadside reprinted below. The text and type below seeks to copy the original. Parts of the text are libelous, personal and harsh. Those deleted parts, by the web administrator, are noted within the text in brackets. The next day, 19 June 1981, the second issue of "The Grenadian Voice" was seized.

The Revolution
Must Be

On March 13, 1979, the people of Grenada, led by the NJM, boldly seized power from the Gairy Dictatorship. Our aim was not only to remove Gairy, but also to build a new and just society where all our people, not just the privileged few, could be masters in our own country, and gain the benefit of progress and development.

Certain Big estate-owners and Big-business people, who are accustomed to exploiting the people for many years, mistakenly believed that the NJM would allow them to continue to wield power and abuse the people. When they saw that this would not be permitted, they began a campaign to get back power for themselves.

* They, and the CIA together used Winston White and De Raviniere to try to overthrow the revolution in November 1979.

*They used the Torchlight, the Catholic Focus, and various pamphlets to destabilize the revolution, by spreading lies and propaganda, and revealing national security information, which endangered the Revolution.

*Now, they have published a new newspaper called "The Grenadian Voice".

No Newspapers
Are Permitted

After the last attempt to publish a newspaper, the PRG announced that no more newspapers are to be published until after a media policy was issued to give guidelines which would prevent counter-revolutionary newspapers from being published.

The PRG clearly said "no more newspapers" and all Grenada knows this.

The NJM says, this is a revolutionary country, and this bold-faced contempt for the revolution cannot be accepted. Those who refuse to respect the revolution must feel its full weight.

Who Are The Publishers
Of This Paper

"The Grenadian Voice" claims to be an independent, legal, and harmless newspaper, representing the voice of the Grenadian people. But whose voice is it.

We are very glad that the 26 owners published their names so that the people can see the big exploiters who are claiming that their voice is the voice of the Grenadian people.

Thirteen out of the 26 owners - half of all of them - are big businessmen, or their managers. These include Laddie McIntyre, who fires workers right and left, regardless to whether their children eat the next morning or not; Fred Toppin of Hubbards, exploiting both workers and the public for years to make big maco profits from selling food at very high prices; Leslie Pierre, famous before the Revolution for [personal and libelous material deleted]. He himself was fired from being manager of Buy Rite for [personal and libelous material deleted].

Among the 26 are several reactionary big-shot lawyers, headed by Tillman Thomas, son of an estate owner, who just weeks ago attacked the Maternity Leave law, and in the very first issue of "The Grenadian Voice", he comes out to attack profit-sharing for workers. And there is Lloyd Noel, who was made to resign from the PRG for [personal and libelous material deleted], went to England and told people not to buy bonds for the International Airport, and just recently spoke out publicly in Gouyave against free secondary education.

Among the 26 are other corrupt types, such as Eric Pierre, who sold out the dockworkers' struggle in 1974, and recently encouraged the dockworkers leadership to refuse to unload free milk for our children, and Benedict La Qua, who [personal and libelous material deleted].

Seven of the 26 owned shares in the "Torchlight", including its last Managing Director, Rawle Charles.

They all claim to be the voice of Grenadians, but we all know them as parasites and exploiters on the backs of the people. They don't do community work. They refuse to join the mass organizations Where they would have to rub shoulders with the ordinary people, neither do they help to raise funds for the international airport, the hospitals or the schools.

Just last week, Fred Topping refused to give even a cent to the River Road day nursery which badly needs help.

They don't expand their businesses to create work for the unemployed, and they don't respect workers rights.

These exploiter elements are not the voice of Grenadians. The voice of Grenadians is heard every day in our community, youth and women' organizations, our voluntary work brigade, at parish councils, in the CPE, at panel discussions and village meetings. That is the voice of free and revolutionary Grenada.


Four weeks ago, before anyone in Grenada knew of the plan to publish a newspaper, an official of the CIA State Department in Washington let it slip out to a member of our government that "a newspaper will be published in Grenada soon".

Two weeks ago, the American CIA Chief of Station from the embassy in Barbados came to Grenada and told various people the same thing. He also met with several of those 26 owners of the "Voice".


Let us never forget what the CIA did to throw Michael Manley out of power. Let us never forget the campaign of propaganda, violence, and economic sabotage waged against his government by the CIA for three years.

We must remember the closing down of businesses by local businessmen, the hiding of goods in store-rooms so that super-markets became empty, the economic squeeze put on Jamaica by America just as they are trying to squeeze us now by pressuring countries and agencies not to lend Grenada money.

Let us remember the vicious lies about Jamaica in the foreign press, which we are also experiencing. Let us notice that the "Gleaner" newspaper in Jamaica also started out quite harmless, so we should not be deceived by this "harmless" "Grenadian Voice".

And we must never fail to see that the PNP of Jamaica is no longer in power today because they failed to put a stop to the propaganda campaign, the economic sabotage, and the violence when it first started. Later, it was too late to stop it all.


Let us understand clearly that these exploiters, backed up by the CIA, are making a bid for power. Their aim is to return Grenada to the day when the big people ruled while the workers were oppressed, the small farmers ignored, and the poor scrunting without hope for a better future.

When these exploiters have power, was there free milk for the people. Was there any house repair or free medical attention, or free secondary education and scholarships for poor people's children. Did small farmers get help with feeder roads, cheap seeds or a marketing board. Was there ever any plan to develop our country, to build an international airport, to create work for our people.

Are we willing to go back to those days. Never.


These exploiters have not been harmed by the Revolution. They have the same rights as any other citizens of Grenada. But they want more. They want power.


And there are some who from the days of Gairy held key posts in the public service. We did not victimize them. We gave them a chance to work for the revolution. Some of these people have been coming out more and more boldly against the revolution in recent weeks.

They also had better learn quickly that they must respect the revolution.

The Time Has Come For

Firm Manners For All

Exploiters And Counters



Published by the New Jewel Movement.
Printed by FWI

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