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17 June 1977 - OAS Commentary

6.30 p.m. READ ON RADIO GRENADA ON 17TH JUNE, 1977 (Read by Fernando Johnson) (This was the only item of news read) (This item was repeated 10 minutes later at 6.40 p.m. by Ian Gale, Manager of Radio Grenada and described by him as a 'special release') at the beginning and 'important release' at the end.) (Repeated by Ian Gale at 7.25 p.m.)


While the Seventh Regular Assembly of the OAS has been progressing successfully, delegates expressing doubtfulness (joyfulness) in being in what they termed 'the most beautiful island in the world'. While the Prime Minister has been holding discussions with various Ministers, Ambassadors and other special Representatives and all sectors of the community expressing happiness and joy in the interest of Grenada and Jewel isolationists have been actively engaged in breaking through security lines, spreading their false and malicious propaganda to our visitors all of whom have been expressing their desire to return to Grenada with their families on vacation.

Mr. Maurice Bishop got through security lines and spent hours with the Press spreading false propaganda and his isolation theology. Last night, that is Thursday night, he was busily attempting to reach as many delegates as possible in his attempt to prevent the people coming to Grenada. Taxi drivers, hotel workers, vendors, hoteliers and every peace-loving loyal citizen and resident have experienced the joy in seeing a Conference of this magnitude being held in Grenada thereby giving our land and people a greater exposure to the outside world.

The Jewel isolationists leaders who traveled throughout the Caribbean are trying to prevent people from coming here and writing all distorted stories against Grenada, are now trying to take full advantage of the presence of our distinguished visitors to dissuade them from returning. The police have been alerted to keep our intruders and all persons not concerned with the Conference away from the hotel and conference areas.

The Prime Minister is kindly asking friends, relatives and supporters of the Jewel isolationists to ask their leaders to stop this malicious intrusion. Tremendous efforts have been put in by loyal Grenadians to make this whole Conference possible and successful.

Above all, God designed this Conference for Grenada and has blessed it with success. Those trying to disrupt God's plan must stand the consequences. As we continue to pray and ask all loyal citizens and supporters to join in prayer that obstacle be removed from the path of Grenada's progress, let us thank Him for the privilege that He has given us to be the host of such a wonderful and important Conference. Let us thank God for the very favourable impressions that Grenada and all who dwell in our land are making upon the minds of our visiting friends.

And that's the end of the 6.30 news.

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