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Resolution of the People's Revolutionary Armed Forces Branch of the New Jewel Movement

[written 12 October 1983 with distribution 13 October 1983]

The text for the resolution below has been transcribed from original typewritten pages. No spellings have been corrected. If the spelling or word usage is obviously an error, it has been noted with the configuration ‘(sic)’ following the word. Punctuation and paragraph structure remains essentially the same.

We, the members of the People's Revolutionary Armed Forces Branch of the New Movement gathered this day 12th October 1983 unswervingly support the analysis and decisions of the New JEWEL Movement Central Committee at its Extraordinary Plenary meeting of September 14th - 17th 1983.

We share with deep concern the analysis of the Central Committee on the deep seated crisis and danger which exist in our country and party and therefore wholeheartedly stand by the Central Committee decision to officially establish Joint Leadership in our Party as the correct scientific mode of leadership of our Party, as a decisive step in pulling our Party and Revolution out of its present danger. This decision of the Central Committee was unanimously accepted by all members and candidates of our Party. However, a few opportunist elements in our party are now unashamedly spreading vicious lying rumours to obstruct the implementation of the Central Committee decision.

We recognise and uphold that based on the fundamental Leninist principle of democratic centralism that decision of our Party's Central Committee have the force of law and form the basis of the activity and conduct of all party bodies and of every single party member, candidate member and applicant regardless of their services and posts. We further unswervingly hold high the principles of criticism and self-criticism and collective leadership in our Party as the firm guarantee that our Party will always stay in the correct course and exercise correct leadership and guidance of our Revolution as we struggle to build socialism. Never would we allow cultism, egoism, the unreasonable and unprincipled desires of one man or a minority to be imposed on our Party thus stiffling (sic) inner party democracy and endangering the party and revolution and holding our country to ransom. We demand an immediate end to this and the restoration of Leninist norms of party life and their strict observance by all as the key for the normal functioning of the party.

We, the members of the People's Revolutionary Armed Forces Branch of the NJM. Uphold (sic) as the only reasonable basis for party unity the truth spoken by Comrade Lenin when he said, “Discussing the problem, expressing and hearing different opinions, ascertaining the views of the majority of the organised Marxists, expressing these views in the form of decisions adopted by delegates and carring (sic) them out conscientiously, this is what reasonable people all over the world call untiy (sic).”

We clearly understand that party discipline is nothing less than the active struggle for the implementation of collectively adopted decisions, such as the decision of the Central Committee on Joint Leadership which was ratified by our entire membership. Therefore, we call on the Central Committee and the entire party to expel from the Party's ranks all elements who do not submit to, uphold and implement in practice the decision of the Central Committee and party membership but are bent on holding up the party's work and spreading antiparty propaganda.

The People's Revolutionary Armed Forces Branch of NJM. awaits the decision and orders of the Central Committee!

LONG LIVE THE NJM CENTRAL COMMITTEE - the highest body and authority of our Party and Revolution!

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