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Political Education

  1. POLITICAL EDUCATION - regular and systematic study at all levels.

    (a) Course must be more intense at the lower levels e.g. Applicants study once per week for three hours - Candidates study once per week for three hours - [Full] Members study once every two weeks for three hours.


    (a) need as to what should be known now as dictated by the character of the struggle -

    (b) real ideological level of cadres -

  3. Teachers should be developed to conduct ideological classes e.g. use of course in Cuba, Soviet Union -

  4. Methods and aids - The forum should be like a normal class with lectures - extensive use of black board to illustrate - diagrams, development of historical sites to help in teaching e.g. True Blue, Gairy's House, etc.

  5. Guiding and monitoring of the work should be done by your [sic] Education Committee or Department within the Party.

    (a) It should be led by the best ideological cadres

    (b) It must develop ways of teacher assessment by special forms or by visits of someone from committee;

    (c) Monitor progress of members at all levels and recommend of promotion;

    (d) To prepare new study documents and receivals [sic] of documents for future use.

[NOTE: The study paper above was used to set standards of political education classes, New Jewel Movement; author unknown.}

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