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The People's Cry

The leaflet below was most likely issued and circulated in Grenada after the end of March of 1980. The leaflet is supposed to have discussed the Enquiry into the River Antoine Estate, but this is not in the content below. Brizan writes that "The People's Cry" was issued by the Budhlalls. The partial copy below of the microfiche entry was obtained courtesy of the U.S. National Archives II in College Park, Maryland.

We want our country. Bishop and his gang have sold it for shipment of Arms and Ammunition and so called international airport.

On March 13th, when we rallied to the call to overthrow Gairy, we did so because our Rights and Freedoms were at stake. We fought because we wanted to put an end to corruption and victimization. We fought because we wanted to be a United Grenada. All these were promised to us by Bishop.

Today we have completely lost sight of freedom. Victimization more! and don't talk about exploitation. Bishop, we did not fight to have you do the same to us as Gairy.

Bring us back to constitutional rule. Call an election, NOW! Get the Cubans to Hell out of our Country! We did not fight to be sold into slavery.

You (Bishop) Betray us. We have had enough. Now you are using guns to oppress us.

LET Our people in Detention go. You always talk about mercenaries coming, we believed you, but all the time it was Cuban Mercenaries to fight against us. We are prepared to die for our freedom. You and they must go.

You came as a lamb but indeed you're a ravenous wolf.

Where is the JUST society you boast about? What has happened to those who laboured, are they holding the reins? Justice is FAR from Grenada.

You out the branch you sat on so you must fall.

You are no different from Gairy who felt that he had a God given to lead Grenada. You and your boys feel that you all cant be wrong. Well yes we!



The P.R.G. wants blind slaves who tolerate what tyrants (P.R.G.) say and do. They want to detain and destroy all who are not stooges.

We must keep our eyes open. We must be wise tot he tricks of the Bourgeois, Fascist P.R.G. Clique who are betraying the revolution. Bishop and his stooges want to silence Stanley Cyrus, Teddy Victor, Winston Whyte, Kennedy Budhlall, Kenneth Budhlall, Evan Bhola, James Herry, Rupert Japal, Jensen Ottway, men who STOOD up against Gairy. Notice how the P.R.G. framing and lying on people.

The power hungry tyrant, Bishop is worse than Gairy. Bishop and his stooges are Anti-Grenadian and anti-workers. Notice they start an enquiry into conditions of workers on River Antoine Estate four whole months after Tivoli Youths and their workers complained.

Tivoli and La Poterie people ahead of the P.R.G.

Bishop only studying how to stay in power and how to pose; And so they trampling people. But the people waking up fast.

Rise up all Grenadians.   RUN DEM.   DOGS OUT.

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