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Characteristics of a Petty Bourgeois Party

  1. Swiftness in making easy decisions, little concern over the execution, a high gap between theory and practice, little concern about verification.

  2. Temporization and vacillation in taking hard decisions.

  3. Plenty of aggression in principle - windbagism in practice.

  4. Very good at crowd politics, busy busy action, heights of great mobilisation of the people and inspiring victories, followed with holidays (consistently inconsistent).

  5. Great joy in attending meetings and studies with hands and minds swinging.

  6. Always waiting for someone to take the lead or initiative with ideas and implementation.

  7. Great hostility and resentment to criticism and self-criticism.

  8. Fails to take a planned approach to the work, strong tendency to neglect the organisation of it.

  9. Organise on paper to effect structures to organise and control all areas of the work.

  10. Inconsistency in standards of personal discipline.

  11. Non-payment or inconsistent payment of Party dues.

  12. Strong tendency towards compulsiveness and arbitrariness in taking decisions, which is linked to the pattern of insufficient thoughtfulness and insufficient forward planning.

  13. Crisis management on a permanent basis as a style of work. Adochism [?] related to a principle of work.

  14. Last minutism as a faithful religious behaviour.

  15. A strong tendency towards imprecise thinking and formulation lacks sufficient focus and sharpness in our thinking and speaking.

  16. A strong tendency towards a lack of vision or perspective of the future.

  17. Thinking and acting as an idealist and metaphysical way at all and opposed to dialectical materialism.

  18. More talented than a hollow start in the art and science of brambling.

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