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Was Prime Minister Maurice Bishop of Grenada the same person as the CIA officer Maurice Bishop during the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy?

Absolutely NOT.

Maurice Bishop was born in 1944. At the time of John F. Kennedy's death in 1963, Bishop would have been a youth of 19.

This fact leads to the conclusion that this coincidence of the two men being the same person is plainly a note in history.

When you are searching on the Internet, you may become sidetracked by entries relating to the CIA name of “Maurice Bishop.” The agent's real name is supposed to be David Atlee Philips. Phillips, former chief of the CIA's Latin American Division, retired from the CIA in 1975. Before and after retirement, Phillips was on former CIA agent Philip Agee's tail.

One can get enmeshed in Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories. For the details of a search for the CIA-alias Maurice Bishop check out the book by Gaeton Fonzi called “The Last Investigation.”

Former CIA agent Frank Terpil, currently subject to a U.S. manhunt effort, is involved in this interesting story which can easily sidetrack you from an equally interesting and potential story based on rumor that Frank Terpil was in Grenada in 1983. Check the full question.

In the Grenada of 1962, Maurice Bishop graduated from Presentation Brothers' College. Nine months later Bishop left for Great Britain to study law. Bishop's most outwardly and public political activity, during his secondary school years and the months following graduation, he shared with his lifelong friend Bernard Coard. They were co-founders of the Grenada Assembly of Youth After Truth. This was an organization supplosedly formed to enable students of both Presentation College and Coard's Grenada Boys Secondary School to discuss events concerning Grenadians. Every second Friday open meetings were held in the Central Market in St. George's. In retrospect, the Grenada Assembly of Youth After Truth had a link with the World Federation of Youth [WFDY]

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