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Political Study Groups - The PRG Years

Political study groups, worker education groups, political education in the army, socialism [democratic socialism and scientific socialism] study groups were based on printed materials.

In Prime Minister Maurice Bishop's speech at the Heroes Day rally on 19 June 1979, he announced repeal of Statutory Rule and Order (SR&O) of 1965. Following the repeal, publications described below were allowed into the country.

Austria Three publications published by the International Institute for Peace (IIFP) in Vienna, and the Bulletin of the World Peace Council
Canada World Marxist Review
Cuba Eight publications including Hoy, Revolución and Cuba Socialists
Czechoslovakia    Three publications including World Student News
East Germany Women of the Whole World
Egypt Afro-Asian Bulletin
Hungary World Federation of Democratic Youth News
Switzerland Africa, Latin America, Asia Revolution
United Kingdom Six publications including World Trade Union Movement and Scientific World
Russia Soviet Woman
World Federation of Trade Unions Nine publications, including Land and Labour, Information Bulletin and For Democratic Education

By October, 1982 a Marxism-Leninism 8-week Crash Course included:

Lenin, Vladimir Il'ich, The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism, Progress Publishers, 1969

Stalin, Joseph, Dialectical and Historical Materialism, International Publishers, 1940

Stalin, Joseph, Foundations of Leninism, International Publishers, 1939

Most likely Caribbean politicians, writers and scholars were studied:

Castro, Fidel, Remarks on the Committee for the Defence of the Revolution

Castro, Fidel, Angola, Africa Girón

Emmanuel, Patrick A.M., "Revolutionary Theory and Political Reality in the Eastern Caribbean," Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs, vol. 25, no. 2, May 1983, p. 193-227 (modified version of a paper presented at the Seventh Annual Conference of the Caribbean Studies Association held in Kingston, Jamaica, 25-29 May 1982)

Thomas, Clive Yolande, "The Non-Capitalist Path as Theory and Practice of Decolonization and Socialist Transformation," Latin American Perspectives, vol. 5, no. 2 (Spring), 1978, p. 10-28 [from a 36 page presentation paper "Non-Capitalist Development as Theory and Practice of Decolonization and Socialist Transformation," presented to Colloquium on Comparative Studies of Decolonization and Dependency, December 2nd 1976, University of California, Berkeley].

Bibliography of the Grenada Revolution
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