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Oath of a Recruit
People's Revolutionary Armed Forces




To be loyal to my people to the cause of the Revolutionary Party NJM, the Revolutionary Government and the Revolution, being confident of this goal to build a new and just society, and being ready to reject the enemy and defend the Revolution with out lives if necessary.

To study and be guided by the Party's ideology and programme, having the firm conviction that Socialism is superior to the exploitative system of Capitalism, and to improve the Political, Moral and Educational level of all the Comrades in order to mould them in a spirit of total devotion to the Revolution, and also to help raise the Educational level of the Comrades in the Armed Forces.

To carry out all the military duties and tasks assigned, and to obey all the Military rules, regulations and Laws, holding high the honour of the Armed Forces in the true spirit of the Proletarian Internationalism, while at the same time to be always vigilant, guarding all state and military secrets and to protect the Armed Forces from enemy penetration.

To respect and care for the property of the State understanding that is i by the hard work of the people that hose things are provided and maintained and also to have a fair knowledge of, to maintain, care and be able to use the Armaments and equipment assigned.

To strive to strengthen the discipline in the Units, getting satisfaction from doing what has to be done, knowing that what is being done will bring benefit to the Armed Forces and to the Revolution as a whole.

that is the enemy should unleash a War against our Country, to fight the imperialist aggressors with courage and determination, confident of victory, regardless of what means they use, side by side with the people. And also be prepared to support and help my Comrades to resist the enemy physically and be ready to act in any situation and in most dangerous positions, and

That the whole weight of the Revolution should be brought to bear on me if I should violate this OATH.

Transcribed from a copy of an original Grenada Document located at the National Archives II, College Park, Maryland.

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