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The New Jewel, organ of the vanguard Party, the New Jewel Movement must truly reflect the work of the party among the masses. It must be a theoretical organ designed to educate, agitate, organise and prepare the masses in the context of the Political Situation. It is a permanent historical record of the party's activities and must consistently encompass the views and problems of the masses.

In order to fulfill these basic objectives the following are necessary:-

  1. Setting up of an Editorial Committee comprised of Party Comrades who are ideologically clear and who are involved in specific areas of Party work.

  2. Setting up of a proper distribution network to ensure that the paper reaches the masses. Regular meetings should be held with the various distribution structures and sellers in order to ensure smooth co-ordination and get feedback from the masses.

  3. Writing of articles with an ideological bias. Articles must be clear and written in a way that the masses will understand.

  4. Writing and promoting consistently the activities of party organs and all local party groups throughout the country.

  5. Involvement of all Party Comrades and firm supporters outside the Editorial Committee, in the writing of the paper: Expression, features, etc.

  6. Constant political analysis of the local Regional and International situation.

  7. Writing in an agitational style.

[NOTE: Maurice Bishop had written more objectives in draft to this printed list. They were to (8) establish party propaganda committee, (9) to tighten state propaganda committee and (10) to find one (1) full-timer . . .]

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