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Major Achievements During the People's Revolutionary Government
[March 1979 - March 1981]

Volunteer effort was high during the first years of the PRG. This volunteer effort is reflected in a [People's Revolutionary] Government Information Services bulletin reprinted below:

MARCH 1979 - MARCH 1981


Fifty young farmers graduated from the Mirebeau Farm Training School and are now employed in different departments of the Ministry of Agriculture. Forty more began training this term, including six from the three other Windward islands.

$1 million Agro-industrial plant opened, fruits and juices begin canned for internal consumption and export; lettuce, grapefruit, oranges, eggplant, mangoes and other products now exported.

Seventy persons have completed training at the New Hotel Training School and some are employed in restaurants and hotels in the country.

Locally produced lumber on the market.

Land Reform Commission set up to put all idle hands into production. National Co-operative Development Agency, NACDA, set up. This agency has already held training seminars for groups in all parishes in Grenada. Several coops set up.

Locally processed filletted, smoked and dried fish on the local market.

Ship brought (sic) by the National Import and Marketing Board (NIB) (sic) to transport local products to other parts of the region.

Local perfume factory set up, owned by European investors, the PRG and a few Grenadians.


Prices of sugar, rice and cement reduced under the National Import Board (NIB). All prices carefully monitored by the Price Control Officers.

Thirty persons trained in art, ceramics, weaving, woodcraft and macrame at the Government Handicraft Training Centre and are now employed in the Handicraft Department.

Over six hundred poor workers received house repair materials through the National House Repair Programme.

Thirty Community Centres opened, others being built.

Numerous communities cleaned up and improved by voluntary work brigades.

50,000 Grenadians treated by members of the Cuban Medical Workers Team in Grenada

100% increase subsidy to cane farmers last year; from $1 to $2 per ton.

Loans given to farmers and small business from Grenada Development Bank to increase productivity.


$50 million US International Airport under construction in Point Salines. Night landing to begin in December this year.

Carriacou airstrip resurfaced.

La Potrie and other roads rebuilt by the people together with contributions by the PRG and the PRA.

National Planning System established a major component being a computer centre. Five students trained in computer operations.

Two new water treatment plants opened at Peggy's Whim in St. Patrick's and Madigras, St. George's.

Historical $160 million in 1981 budget passed. Capital expenditure of $90 million from $8 million in 1978 under Gairy. 180 projects to be undertaken.

Tight financial and budgetary control results in a good budget, despite crisis in the Western developed countries.

$4.1 million airplane purchased by PRG to fly the Caribbean route.

Social projects Units set up in the Ministry of Communications and Works to provide materials for community work around the country.


More than 2500 new jobs created.

All anti-worker laws abolished.

Trade Union membership increased to 50% from 30% under Gairy to 80% now.

Workers protected by Trade Union Recognition Act.

Maternity Leave Law passed. Major benefits for women in the country.

Equal pay for equal work established by PRG.


All forms of discrimination against women outlawed, law passed to guarantee opportunities to the women of our country.

Forty persons are treated daily by Eye Specialists at the Eye Clinic.

Hospitals have more and better equipment, medicines and supplies.

Resident nurses and visiting doctor in Petit Martinique.

Primary Health Care project being developed.

National Nutrition Council formed to improve the quality of food and nutrition in the country, 830 operations performed and 38,600 received dental attention.

Grenadian doctors, nurses and health professionals returning home to serve their people.

Free milk distributed to all children under five years.

Primary school receive free milk and cheap meals.

Secondary School fees reduced to $12.50 per term from $50.00 before the Revolution. In September, secondary education will be free.

Five hundred (500) scholarships awarded to primary school children this year.

Over 250 Grenadian students studying abroad on scholarships, as opposed to 3 in 1978.

Volunteer teachers of the Centre for Popular Education, CPE, have started to teach illiterate persons in the country.

Dental clinics in all parishes (7) as opposed to one before the Revolution.

Free medical attention in all hospital and public health institutions.

Modern equipment installed at hospital. Previous to the Revolution, women gave birth on cold concrete floors.

Opening of first Government Secondary School in over 100 years, the Bernadette Bailey Secondary in Happy Hill, St. George's.

Establishment of an Institution for further education.

Three batches of Fisheries Students graduated from Fish School.

New and unique Teacher In-Service Training Programme launched, and progressing well.

Vigorous monitoring is gradually abolishing corruption in the society.

New sense of pride, dignity and respect for Grenadians.

Community Councils in Health and Education provide forum for people's participation in decision making.

Crime rate dropped by some 75%, disappeared almost completely in Carriacou. Thousands more joined the People's Militia to defend the revolution.

Activities of mass organisations have remarkably increased.

Membership to these bodies have also increased. There are 83 New Jewel Movement National Youth Organisations (NJM, NYO) and 40 New Jewel Movement National Women Organisations (NJM, NWO) groups.

Trade Unions participate in preparing the Budget for 1981.


Recognition for Grenada abroad as a serious, progressive, honest and dynamic country vigorously seeking after social justice.

Membership in the Non-Aligned Movement. Grenada elected a member of the Co-ordination Bureau in the First year of membership.

Grenada now a full member of Socialist International.

Elected to an Executive Committee of the OAS.

Grenada on Inter American Association of Women.


Public Servants in service Training Programme.

P.R.A. and Militia Schools.

CPE - Centre for Popular Education.


Police Training School.

IFE - Institute for Further Education.

Fisheries Training School.

Hotel School.

Mirabeau Farm School.

Arts and Crafts.

NISTEP-National In-Service Teacher Education Programme.


NOTE FOR STUDENTS WRITING PAPERS: The news release above may be the foundation for a paper asking/answering these questions: (1) Were the paper achievements met in reality? (2) How many of the achievements are substantial, and how substantial were they? (3) Who were the people responsible for the achievements - Grenadian volunteers, international workers in Grenada, returning Grenadian nationals, paid personnel, students, women and so on? (4) How many of these achievements remain in the Grenada of today?

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