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Human Rights Abuses

Death and Violent Incidents

Most, of not all, of the deaths and beatings listed below were the result of unlawful behavior of individual members of the Mongoose Gang, the Grenada Volunteer Constabulary, the Royal Grenada Police Force, Police Aides, and others associated with the Gairy Government. In many of the cases listed below, Barrister Kenrick Radix was the victimized person's or the family of the victimized person's legal representative.

1970 - Nurses' Strike tear gas

1970 - Beating of Edith McBain

1970 - Edgar Joseph shot

1972 - Dowlyn Grant beaten

1973 - Mathew Joseph beaten

1973 - Dave Mayers beaten

1973 - Hamilton beaten

1973 - Goodrich Antoine brutalized

1973 - Alister Hughes assaulted

1973 - Alston Williams chopped*

1973 - Leonard Greenidge assaulted

1973 - Clarence Ferguson and family chopped* and humiliated in public on St. John's Street

1973 - Death of Jeremiah Richardson

1973 - Ken Milne, Leslie Seon and Norbert 'Power' St. Bernard beaten, and a woman bystander shot in the leg during the incident

1973 - Septimus Pierre shot and Simon Charles shot twice and beaten

1973 - Bloody Sunday with the beatings of Maurice Bishop, Hudson Austin, Kenrick Radix, Selwyn Strachan and Simon Daniel. See Bloody Sunday

1973 - Severe beatings of Eric Campbell, Joseph Grainger/Granger and Eslyn Christopher

1973 - Albert Rennie beaten. See Duffus Report

Albert Rennie's 121 stitches
Albert Rennie's 121 stitches,
photo from D. Sinclair DaBreo's
"Prostitution of a Democracy"

1973 - Dudley Francis brutalised

1973 - Second assault incident on Norbert St. Bernard

1973 - Eric Copeland beaten into unconsciousness

1973 - Carriacou, student Claudius Joseph, 'strangled' at Gairy supporter home

1973 - Allan Bierzynski assaulted

1973 - Harold Strachan death

1974 - Michael Davidson, Peter Lashley, Derek Romain and David Mayers tortured; Lashley gashed by gunshot

1974 - Bloody Monday with the death of Rupert Bishop. See Bloody Monday. Also see references to Rupert Bishop in the index of The Duffus Report

1974 - Bloody Monday [with gun shot wounds] Garfield Brathwaite

1974 - Joseph Ross assaulted

1974 - Franklyn Baptiste shot

1974 - Beating of Simon Daniel and Theordore Hercules

1974 - Beating of Godwin Cudjoe

1975 - Ted Hazzard shot at

1975 - Cecil Butler assaulted and branded

1975 - Kenrick Radix beaten and shot while trying to take photographs

1975 - Martin De Coteau beaten and branded with a hot iron

1975 - Eugene Rose, Police Sergeant, chopped* and blinded

1975 - Ellsworth Dick beaten and branded with a hot iron

1976 - James Jeffrey shot/paralyzed

1976 - Maurice Paterson tear-gassed and maced in prison cell on Fort George.

1976 - Death of Ralph Gibbs

1976 - Murder of Henry Thomas

1977 - Georgiana Armstrong shot in back

1977 - Nicholas Phillip, 13 years old, beaten on hands

1977 - Keith Donald beaten

1977 - Glen Belfon beaten

1977 - Martin John beaten

1977 - Death of Alister Strachan

Alister Strachan

1977 - Bertrand Cadet beaten

1977 - Desmond Phillip beaten, attempted hanging

1977 - Selwyn Mitchell and 5 Harbour Boys "Sporting Club" Members beaten

1977 - Anthony Bartholomew beaten and flogged

1978 - Death of Innocent Belmar

1978 - Disappearance of Irie Bishop

1978 - Harry Andrews of Paradise shot dead in Grenville

According to eye witness account fourteen year old Harry was on a wall taking in the calypsoes belched out by the members of the REVIVAL tent, when the BOO OH came up with a revolver in hand. Poor Harry pleaded and begged "OH GOD SAH - AH BEG YOU SAR DOH SHOOT ME. AH COMING DOWN SAH. OH GOD SAH AH HAVE ME TICKET - LOOK ME TICKET SAH DOH SHOOT ME. AH COMING DOWN SAH DOH SHOOT SAH DOH SHOOT OH GOD SAH . . ."

1978 - Kennedy Budhlall beaten

1978 - Jacob [no surname] beaten

1978 - Lennard De Coteau beaten

1978 - Thomas Frederick beaten

1978 - Lloyd John beaten

*injured with cutlass/planass/machete blade cuts

Many of the occurrences listed above are itemized in the November 1982 "Report on Human Rights Developments in Grenada" issued by The Grenada Committee on Human Rights. That Committee was a "non-profit, non-governmental committee comprising Grenadian and other Caribbean citizens, committed to the objective investigation and defense of Human Rights in the Caribbean." The Report notes that "this document may be freely quoted and used with recognition given to the source." The Secretary was Winston Bullen. The Report totals 70 pages and includes 19 pages of specific incidents. Six pages list loss of life and inhumane treatment from 1972-1978 with sources cited - compiler Colville McBarnette's "Allegations of Human Violations in Grenada for Human Rights Research Project of the Caribbean Council of Churches", compiler Alister Hughes' "Violations of Human Rights in Grenada for Human Rights Research Project of the Caribbean Conference of Churches", New Jewel newspaper, Torchlight newspaper and the Duffus Report.

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