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Letter to Minister of National Security
from Thomas Gilbert

19th March 1982
Grenada Prison Service, Richmond Hill, St. George's

Minister of National Security

Ministry of National Security, St. George's

Honourable Minister,

This letter is an affirmation of my belief, that if the reasons surrounding the circumstances of my detention are objectively scrutinised, some misconceptions will come to light and nullify the intended purpose.

My name is Thomas Gilbert and I am from Windsor Forest, St. David's. On Saturday 11th July 1981, Captain E. Layne and other members of the Army and Militia, asked me to go to the Vineyard Militia base in their company, for "questioning in connection with counterrevolutionary activities." I concurred, and after (8) eight months of incarceration, no questioning of any nature has been done. This has, no doubt, served to frame my view of the situation emanating from either maliciousness or misconceptions.

I must say that prior to my detention, I was immersed in two concerns; (a) a career course, practical, in Journalism at the Institute for Further Education and (2) an Initiation course with British-American Insurance Company Ltd. In fact, I had recently ended that course and should have started the job in August 1981.

At the same time, I am prepared to answer any questions which will illuminate and consequently change my position, which I fell is unjustified, in the light of the thorough investigation necessary for the operation of Justice and the new approach to people's rights and freedoms.

Although up to now, no one seems to care, I am aiming this appeal at the Right and the needs for Scruples which I understand to be in Man.

Very respectfully yours,

Thomas Gilbert

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