The Grenada Revolution Online

Gairy's Achievements, circa 1972

Grenada's successful participation in the MISS WORLD CONTEST

Appointment of Lady Governor

Expo '69

National Zoo

Round Abouts

Building of new G.B.S.S. Science block

Creation of a separate Ministry of Agriculture

Beautification of Grand Etang

Establishment of modern visiting stations and Midwifery centres

Communal Lavatories and Baths

Community Centres

Electricity expansion, Carriacou

Electricity expansion, Grenada

Establishment of new Jetty, Carriacou

Establishment of new access roads

Improvement of facilities at Pearls

Improvement of facilities at Lauriston

Agriculture Year, 1981

Opening of Tourist Office in New York

Establishment of Radio Grenada with the introduction of morning programmes including the live broadcast of Sunday Services

Children's hour Radio Grenada

Psychiatric Unit

True Blue Motels

Improvement of road from True Blue to St. George's Town

Coffee Factory

Expansion of Water Services

Appointment of Agricultural Instructor for schools

Construction of modern cocoa fermentary - St. David's

Public Officers back pay

Meet the People Tours

Visit of President Chung of Guyana

New school for the blind

New school for the deaf and dumb

Coastal patrol

Oil and gas offshore exploration

Creation of healthy tourism climate for expanded hotel construction

New school buses

More scholarships to primary schools

Introduction of nursing aids and assistants

City of St. George Disaster Fund

Increase of Scholarships to Universities

Revitalisation of Farmers' Clubs

Visits of Farmers overseas

Subsidy to Carriacou Lime and Cotton growers

Considerable increase in Budgetary proposals

Substantial Financial aid to local sporting teams competing abroad

Elimination of budgetary aid

Purchase of True Blue Estate

Land for the Landless

Agricultural Scholarships to Guyana

Declaration of Agriculture between Venezuela and Grenada November, 71

Premier's New York Award

Participation of Grenada in Youth Camps abroad

Formation of Grenada Cadet Corps

Establishment of another port of entry for pleasure Yachts at Prickly Bay and added maritime facilities

Improvement of Esplanade-Blind Workshop etc.

Telephone in Schools

Technical College

Chemist's Laboratory at Tanteen

Annandale Water Scheme

Revival of Steel Band and weekly Steel Band Concerts

Recording and reproduction of local folk culture on Radio Grenada

Overseas visits of Carnival Queens and Carnival Contestants sponsored by the Honourable Premier

Government's policy of replacing expatriates by local persons

Widening opportunities in civil service to accommodate more levels, and also more jobs

Substantial additional school places at secondary level

NOTE: The above list is officially titled "A GUIDE TO THIS GOVERNMENT'S OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS DURING PRESENT TERM OF OFFICE". One assumes it was written most likely as a document supporting Eric Mathew Gairy's re-election as Premier in 1972.

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