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Fire and A Statue

I was there when Palmer School,
Like a fortress on the hill,
Like Mount Olympus stood,
But suddenly cut down by flames,


I stood by the Rocks,
And saw the orange flames,
Light up the town.


Before that,
Hollywood Fashion House,
Ravished by fire,
And Frenchy store,
Went up in flames.


Long before Courts,
Became an inferno,
Before Rudolph was
Reduced to ash.


I was there when Bianca C,
Engulfed in flames,
In the tranquil sea,
Outside Melville Street.
Grenadians lent a hand,
Rescued poor souls,
Precious lives were saved.

Italians in thankful response,
Donated a statue,
Placed near Islander Hotel,
By Mount Pandy Beach.
Then the raging waves,
Threatened to cast it down,
And erase a symbol,
Of a courageous past.

Then to a new home,
On the Carenage,
A statue stands,
And if it can utter,
It will declare,
That in the midst of despair,
When fire raged,
Brave Grenadians,
In their little boats,
Came to the rescue.

Anthony Wendell DeRiggs, 2004

NOTE: Anthony Wendell DeRiggs' first book, "Recollections of an Island Man," 2006 is widely available. Check online booksellers, bookstores in St. George's and other locations.

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