Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into the Breakdown of Law & Order, and Police Brutality in Grenada

Part III

The Events of November 18, 1973

Paragraphs 92 thru 94. - An Examination in Detail [Part 4] - The Evidence of Simon Daniel [Part B]

92. Simon Daniel said that on Sunday, November 18, 1973, he arrived in Grenville about 3:05 p.m. (15:05) in company with Maurice Bishop, Kenrick Radix, Hudson Austin, Unison Whiteman and Selwyn Strachan. Evidently, he and his companions left St. George at about 2:35 p.m. (14:35) for Grenville to attend a meeting at the DeLuxe Cinema. They travelled in two motor cars via Beaulieu and Grand Etang.

Maurice Bishop drove his car in which also travelled Selwyn Strachan. In the other car, driven by Hudson Austin, were Kenrick Radix, Unison Whiteman and Simon Daniel. When the party reached the DeLuxe Cinema about 3:05 p.m. they were prevented from entering the premises by a number of policemen and police aides armed with sticks. Daniel left the car and went to a shop to buy matches.

In the meantime Bishop and Austin drove their motor cars away from the cinema and parked about 200 yards away, outside the premises of Mr. H.M. Bhola where Daniel met them. Daniel then went to the Sea Haven Restaurant and on this way back he saw Inspector Andrews at the Grenville police station where there was also a number of police aides armed with axe handles and batons. Inspector Andrews stopped Daniel, told him he suspected him of being in possession of a firearm and, directing him to unbutton his trousers he searched him and found nothing.

Anthony Waldron, alias "Anton," a police aide, about whom reference has been made already in paragraphs 69 and 70 was among the men there. Inspector Andrews then told Daniel "Move from here fast before I made the dogs bite you." Daniel moved swiftly; but Andrews added "Is all you that start the war" and soon after said to the men around him "Take him dogs."

Three police aides lashed Daniel with sticks - Thaddius Jones, alias "Bloody Bar," Terrence James and George Thomas, Alias "Shine" or "Blackshine." Daniel ran from a hail of sticks thrown at him to the premises of H.M. Bhola pursued by police aides.

At Bhola's premises he met his companions and spoke to Hudson Austin. In the meantime, the police aides who pursued him with axe handles and sticks gathered outside Bhola's.

It was then that motor car 2451 driven by Asst. Supt. Belmar arrived from the direction of the cinema. Some of the police aides announced that the sheriff was in town. With a shot gun in hand Belmar called upon Bishop, Radix and the others to leave. Austin, Radix, and Daniel ran up the steps and entered Bhola's house. By that time more police aides had gathered.

While in Bhola's house gun shots were heard by Daniel who looked through the louvres and saw Selwyn Strachan being beaten by several police aides including Errol Mason, Lyndon Bowen, Augustine Alexis, Terrence Jones and Thaddius Jones. Daniel then went on to the verandah of the house. George Thomas, alias "Shine," pointed a gun at him and Daniel ran back into the house and told Austin and Radix to lie on the floor. They all lay on the floor and a barrage of bullets was fired around the building by the police aides outside.

93. Asst. Supt. Belmar entered Bhola's house while the three men were lying on the floor. He told them to go with him. Bhola and his wife asked Belmar not to allow the boys to beat them. They then followed Belmar who said to the police aides "stand back boys." None of them was assaulted.

At the bottom of the steps, Belmar told Hudson Austin to unlock his car to have it searched. Austin did so. The car was searched and nothing was found except some New Jewel newspapers. Belmar asked for the keys to open Bishop's car but no one present had them so Bishop's car was not searched. Daniel denied a suggestion that both cars were searched outside Bhola's when Belmar arrived and that certain articles were found in both cars.

Daniel, Radix and Austin were thereafter escorted to the Grenville police station, each by two policemen armed with rifles. When they reached the station Belmar called out to police aides "do your all duty boys," where upon each of the three men was taken by a police aide to have the hair on his head cut off. Terrence Jones cut Simon Daniel's hair and Thaddius Jones alias "Bloody Bar" cut that of Hudson Austin and Kenrick Radix.

A pair of scissors was used on Daniel while Austin's was cut with a piece of bottle. Franklyn Thomas, another police aide, ordered the three men to pick up their hair which was cut in an irregular fashion. A policeman then recorded their names, took their clothing and other possession and in their underclothes, they were place in a cell 10 feet by 5 feet in which there were already five other men.

The others were Selwyn Strachan, Unison Whiteman, Maurice Bishop, Normic Waltrice and Francis Williams. Strachan, Whiteman, and Bishop were bleeding from wounds and also had their hair cut in irregular fashion.

About 8:15 p.m. (20:15) they were each given a sweet drink, salt biscuits and corned beef in a bowl. During the night Radix called out to Belmar who was passing the cell. He told him there were men who needed medical treatment. In response Belmar said that Radix should be grateful to his brother Dr. Michael Radix, because had it not been for his brother, he (Belmar) would have shot Radix at Pearls.

About 12:35 a.m. (00:35) Radix again requested medical attention for the wounded men. Belmar's reply was - "All you mustn't threaten police boys. Machine guns will pass in all you ass." Again about 5:30 a.m. on Monday, November 19, 1973, both Radix and Bishop asked Belmar for medical assistance. His reply was "All you inside here for the next six months."

94. Up to 5:30 a.m. on Monday, November 19, 1973, neither Belmar nor anyone else told the six men why they were in custody. At that time Radix said "Inspector Belmar, what are we charged for?" His reply was "All you can't know boys. I am a diplomat." None of the Six men slept that night.

Bishop was bleeding profusely and Hudson Austin sat up with Bishop's head in his lap.

About 6 a.m. they were escorted singly to the bathroom and at 8 a.m. were fed bread, tea and fish cakes.

About 10:30 a.m. the men got dressed and, in handcuffs, were taken by landrover to the Grenville Magistrate's Court. The lawyers at the Court were Messrs. Ben Jones, Jerome Forde, Lloyd Noel, Wilberforce Nyack, and Michael Sylvester. charges were read to the Six men accusing them of being in possession of a firearm and ammunition.

About 3:30 p.m. (15:30) that afternoon they were placed in a cell in the Richmond Hill Prison. They were not accommodated in the remand section of the prison nor were they allowed to exercise. They were placed in cellular confinement which is a punishment sometimes given only to convicted prisoners.

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