Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into the Breakdown of Law & Order, and Police Brutality in Grenada

Part III

The Royal Grenada Police Force and the Recruitment and Function of Police Aides

Paragraph 73. - The Arrest of Eric Randall Campbell - Details of

73. Eric Randall Campbell of La Sagesse, St. David, is a maintenance engineer employed by Jonas, Brown and Hubbards, reputedly the largest firm in Grenada. Mr. Campbell is also a member of the New Jewel Movement.

About 3 o'clock on Monday, November 19, 1973, he [Eric Campbell] went to the St. David's Post Office and Revenue Office to collect mail. As he was about to descend the steps to leave he saw police aides Willie and Moslyn Bishop, Albert Clarke, Lennard, and Raphael Brizan, (all members of the Mongoose gang) ascending the steps.

Brizan grabbed Campbell by the collar of his shirt and told him "We are looking for you." Campbell asked "What for." Brizan replied "Don't ask me what for, the Premier say bring all you in dead or alive."

Together, the police aides took himself and Eslyn Christopher to the St. David's police station where Moslyn Bishop told P.C. Murray, who kept the diary, "Hold this man here for me and if you let him go your ass is going to pay for it." Campbell and Christopher were consequently detained in the prisoners section of the St. David's police station.

Immediately after, Moslyn Bishop telephoned the Grenville police station and asked to speak to Assistant Superintendent Belmar and he was overheard to say "We have Campbell and Christopher here, we are going in search of Teddy Grainger and Sam now." Campbell and Christopher, who had been placed in a cell, were later taken in a motor car P 1504 driven by Raphael Brizan. Moslyn Bishop said they were being taken to St. George's.

When the car reached Providence, Albert Clark drove the car instead of Raphael Brizan who then went into the back seat and cuffed Campbell about the face and chest. Willie Bishop and Lennard Noel then pulled out revolvers.

The car stopped at Vincennes where it was joined by a police vehicle driven by Sgt. Sayers with other police aides. Enquiries were made of Teddy Victor, the editor of the New Jewel newspaper, Victor was identified and the men ran after him but failed to catch him. In the meantime, a gun was fired by one of the men.

The police party then left for Dudmar where Joseph Grainger was beaten with a baton by a police aide before the party set off again for St. George's where they were left in custody at the Central Police Station.

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