Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into the Breakdown of Law & Order, and Police Brutality in Grenada

Part III

The Royal Grenada Police Force and the Recruitment and Function of Police Aides

Paragraphs 68 thru 70. - Criminal Records of Police Aides

68. The 64 other police aides with criminal records include:

  1. Kingston Baptiste alias "Worm," 23 convictions between March 1957 and October 1970, including assault, wounding and larceny.
  2. George Bevoit, 9 convictions between June 1963 and September 1973, including assault and wounding.
  3. Norrel Belfon, alias "Tallboy," 34 convictions between July 1955 and February, 1970, including wounding, assault on police, damage to government property, possession of unlicensed firearm.
  4. Owen Crudland, alias "Mayowen," 11 convictions between April 1952 and April 1965, including larceny, burglary and assault.
  5. Crafton Fraser, alias "Tantie Gomez," 32 convictions between February 1948 and October 1970, including larceny, wounding, house-breaking and assault.
  6. Edmund James, alias "Rado," 8 convictions between June 1952 and March 1964, including wounding, assault and larceny.
  7. Mayers James, alias "Scratch it," 7 convictions between July 1964 and June 1966, including larceny, assault on police and causing public terror.
  8. Western John, alias "Westo," 9 convictions between July 1952 and February 1972, including assault, damage to property and causing harm.
  9. Temple Jones, alias "Temple Charles Rubbert," 29 convictions between March 1958 and December 1973, including larceny, assault, causing harm and wounding.
  10. Thaddius Jones, 20 convictions between November 1959 and October 1973, including assault, wounding, larceny and causing harm.
  11. John Joseph Mark, alias "The Litch Drunk to Puke," 5 convictions between July 1965 and August 1973, including assault.
  12. John Mitchell, 6 convictions between February 1960 and November 1970, including larceny, assault and rape.
  13. Raynold Noel, alias "Zabb," 4 convictions between April 1960 and October 1962, when he was sentenced to 10 years hard labour for manslaughter; other offences include assault and threats of harm.
  14. Hugh Paul, 7 convictions between July 1957 and December 1969, including causing harm, wounding, and causing grievous harm.
  15. Leonard Peters, 7 convictions between July 1956 and May 1963, including assault on police, larceny and assault.
  16. Emmanuel Regis, alias "Burke," 4 convictions between September 1959 and December, 1964, including assault on police and causing harm.
  17. Redhead Hercules, alias "Toe Goe," 33 convictions between July 1946 and October 1964, including larceny, house-breaking, assault, wounding and causing grievous harm.
  18. Livingston Richardson, alias "Livingston Hutchinson," 11 convictions between February 1945 and July 1968, including larceny, house-breaking and assault
  19. Leo Rubin, 5 convictions between September 1955 and July 1970, including larceny, wounding and assault.
  20. Keith St. Louis, 10 convictions between September 1956 and August 1973, including larceny, assault on police, damage to motor car.
  21. Ivan Thomas, alias "Vaughn," 26 convictions between April 1958 and September 1973, including assault, wounding, damage to property, unlawful carnal knowledge.
  22. Anthony Waldron, alias "Anthony McEven," 8 convictions between July 1946 and January 1962 including larceny, assault, and threats of harm.
  23. Elisha Williams, 5 convictions between September 1939 and April 1964, including larceny and assault.

69. The common offence among the 28 men is assault.

The case of Anthony Waldron, however, deserves to be specially mentioned because he was admittedly a police aide who was on duty at the Grenville Police Station on Sunday, November 18, 1973, under the control and direction of Assistant Superintendent Innocent Belmar.

His evidence was given to the Commission on May 2, 1974. He was then employed as a Prison Officer - since the end of November 1973. For at least three days during November, 1973, he was a police aide attached to the Grenville Police Station and was on duty in Grenville during the afternoon of Sunday, November 18. He had been recruited by Assistant Superintendent Belmar on November 15.

70. Anthony Waldron had been a member of the Police Force on two occasions. His record of service was not produced but according to him, he joined the Police Force about 1970, and left the Force voluntarily by resigning on the first occasion. On the second occasion he was dismissed for dishonesty.

Presumably, he was recruited in the Police Force in 1970 when he already had 8 criminal convictions, including 2 for larceny and 2 for assault.

In August, 1973, Waldron was dismissed for dishonesty from the Police Force.

According to Mr. Osbert James, the acting Commissioner, Anthony Waldron, while serving as a member of the Police force was charged departmentally for the offence of larceny of a firearm. The firearm was allegedly stolen from the quarters of the Prime Minister's driver; but nothing was said as to the reasons why Waldron was not prosecuted in the criminal courts for an offence under the Firearms Act, 1968. Be that as it may, disciplinary proceedings were conducted against him within the police department and the officer responsible for the conduct of the enquiry upon the nomination of the then Commissioner Mr. Nugent David, was Assistant Superintendent Innocent Belmar, then an Inspector of Police. Waldron was found guilty of the offence.

Evidently Waldron shared quarters with the Prime Minister's driver who possessed the firearm which was stolen by Waldron and sold to somebody. It is not clear from the evidence when the departmental inquiry was conducted; but his evidence implies that he was granted leave on March 28, 1973.

He returned to work on August 2, 1973, and was dismissed at the end of August, 1973.

He remained unemployed until November 17, 1973, when Assistant Superintendent Belmar recruited him as a police aide. Since the end of November, 1973, he has worked as a prison officer under Mr. Ben Roberts, Superintendent of Prisons, about whom reference will later be made.

Anthony Waldron gave evidence about the incidents at Grenville on November 18, 1973. Reference will be made later to that aspect of his evidence.

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