Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into the Breakdown of Law & Order, and Police Brutality in Grenada

Part I

Incidents of Infringements of Constitutional Rights

Paragraphs 25 thru 26. - VII. Albert Rennie

25. We turn now to the complaint of Albert Rennie. He was severely beaten on the night of the 20th of November, 1973 by a number of police aides led by a man named Clarence Rapier and another aide, Frederick Nobel, who accused Rennie of being a "Jewel" i.e. a member of the New Jewel Movement. Rennie got away from them and ran to the police station at Sauteurs, where he saw three regular policemen. Instead of getting the protection he had hoped to get he was beaten with a "bull pistle" by the Corporal in charge.

He got away and ran from the station but was overtaken about 50 feet away by some men in a car. Among the men, Rennie recognised Clarence Rapier who was armed with a cutlass. He was chopped by Rapier and given several cuts by the other men who were armed with razors and knives. He was robbed of his wallet containing $85 and left for "dead" in the bush at the side of the road.

Eventually he was able to get to a house where he was given succour and spent the rest of the night.

Next day he was taken to the Princess Alice Hospital and treated by Dr. Lawrence Gibbs. There can be no doubt that this man was very severely injured and he is lucky to have survived. His wounds required more than fifty sutures - see Medical Certificate of Dr. Gibbs - Appendix 2. [Not available for inclusion on this web site] The Commissioners saw for themselves the scars and bruises all over his head and body when they were fresh and easily discernible on the 20th of December. Clarence Rapier was subpoenaed and invited to testify but he declined to give any evidence on the ground that he might incriminate himself. He was excused.

26. There were a number of other incidents on which evidence was given indicating a wanton disregard of human rights by police and police aides. It will not be necessary to record here the details of these incidents and it will suffice to refer to them but briefly.

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