Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into the Breakdown of Law & Order, and Police Brutality in Grenada

Part I

Incidents of Infringements of Constitutional Rights

Paragraphs 21 thru 24. - VI. Joseph Grainger, Eric Campbell and Eslyn Christopher [continued]

21. The various incidents involving Campbell, Grainger and Christopher provided conclusive proof that the regular police were almost totally ineffective and powerless where the police aides were concerned. The police aides and in particular the members of the so called "Mongoose Gang" namely Moslyn Bishop, Willie Bishop, Raphael Brizan and Alston Hood claimed that they were acting under the direct authority of the Premier himself and of Asst. Supt. Innocent Belmar.

22. The Commissioners made a thorough examination into the antecedents of these four police aides. The police records disclose the following state of affairs:-

Moslyn Bishop has 28 previous convictions
Willie Bishop has 19 previous convictions
Raphael Brizan has 20 previous convictions
Alston Hood has 8 previous convictions

23. Sergeant Eugene Rose, who had summoned the Commissioner of Police to the police station, when Sergeant Bartholomew and himself were unable to control the situation deserves high commendation for his humane interest and timely intervention. Sergeant Rose impressed us as being an exceptionally intelligent and honest witness.

He confirmed that the police aides were performing functions of the regular police and that they appeared to be acting under direct orders from Mr. Belmar, who was then an Inspector. We quote from his evidence on this point when he spoke to Sergeant Sayers from St. David, who had accompanied the prisoners to the Central Police Station. Sergeant Sayers said "Willie Bishop and company including Moslyn Bishop who was also present ARRESTED them in the St. David's area for preaching violence against the Government and as a result they have been sent down here. They were taken to St. David's police station but Mr. Belmar instructed that they be brought down. Mr. Belmar would be coming over the hills to look after the matter."

24. Sergeant Walter Sayers, the sub-officer in charge of the St. David's police station gave evidence. He said that the prisoners were taken to the St. David's station by "officers Willie Bishop, Moslyn Bishop and one Brizan," and as a result Mr. Belmar telephoned to him and instructed him to convey the prisoners to St. Georges, as he had warrants for them. It was Sergeant Sayers who informed the Commission that the two Bishops, Brizan and some other men who had accompanied them were members of the Grenada Volunteer Constabulary attached to the St. Georges police station.

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