Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into the Breakdown of Law & Order, and Police Brutality in Grenada

Part IV

Events Subsequent to November 18, 1973

Paragraph 187. - Entries in Diary of the Central Police Station

187. We have examined the diary of the Central police station for Monday, January 21, 1974. It disclosed that policemen from outlying districts arrived at the Central police station commencing with the arrival of 10 constables from Grenville police station at 8:20 a.m. The arrivals were as follows:

No. of Entry Station Time                  No. of Policemen arriving
1988 Grenville 8:20
1989 Hermitage 8:25
1996 True Blue 9:20
2001 True Blue 9:28
2007 Gouyave 10:01

It is recorded also at entry 1999 made at 9:22 that Assistant Supt. Francis directed that "All men must remain in barracks in uniform until the demonstration is over." There can now be no doubt that a riot occurred in the Carenage shortly after 12 noon on January 21, 1974. The only entry which refers to the incident on the Carenage is recorded without a number and appears as follows:

No.        Subject        Hour              Nature of Record
2029 For lunch 13:30 Cpl. Garraway has left for lunch.
Sgd. P.C. Charles 492
Note P.C. 356 Elms has reported that his uniform cap lost on the Carenage.
Sgd. P.C. Charles 492

There were, however, other entries which indicated that looting was in progress that afternoon. These were reported as follows:

No.        Subject        Hour              Nature of Record
2032 Note fish gun
taken from
13:45 P.C. 502 Lewis has taken one fish gun from an unknown man around the town of St. George's
Sgd. Charles 492
2051 Note 15:22 P.C. Samual reported to this station that men were pelting stones from upper Church Street to Market Hill.
Sgd. Charles 492
2053 Beat Patrol 15:45 The following men have reported leaving on Beat Patrol - They are Cpl. 45 Lewis issued
with 1 Rem. and 8 rounds
P.C. 350(1) Rem. and 4 rounds
P.C. 329 (1) rifle 10 rounds,
P.C.'s 212, 350, 390,539,
488, and 103 Best -
Sgd. Charles 492
2053 [sic] Found Property 16:00 P.C.'s 457 Thomas, 168 Paul
521 William who was on duty at Mr.Derrick Knight home brought in (2) two speakers and states Mr. Knight found it in his garage - Charles 492
2054 Note 16:02 P.C.'s 457, 158, 521 William has conveyed the (2) two speakers to C.I.D. In regards to serial No. 2049. Cpl. 217 Noel has taken prisoner Justin Douglas to St. David's
- Charles 492
2064 Note Fish guns brought 17:36 P.C. 502 Lewis brought in 2 fish guns and state that he got it from a man who drop some on the ground at the market and he ran and same was brought to the station.
R.C. Cpl. 195
2072 Arrive with Box with wears 19:55 P.C. 137 Lewis brought in a box with glass wears [sic] to this station which he said he saw a man going away from Charles of Grenada and he put it down and ran away as a result he brought same to the station. R.C.

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