Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into the Breakdown of Law & Order, and Police Brutality in Grenada

Part I

Incidents of Infringements of Constitutional Rights

Paragraph 17 - III. Kenrick Milne

17. Another incident which supports the allegations of hostility by Mr. Gairy's supporters towards persons who were anti-Government and in which Mr. Gairy again was personally involved was the attack on the person of Kenrick Milne, a wealthy Grenadian hotelier, who was well known to be opposed to Mr. Gairy.

This incident occurred at a public meeting which was being held by Mr. Gairy in the Grenville market-place on the 4th of November, 1973. Milne was wearing a large straw hat which, he says, he doffed to persons who greeted him, but which according to Mr. Gairy he was waving so as to attract the attention of persons in the crowd. There can be no doubt that he caught the attention of Mr. Gairy, who called him by name.

There are different accounts as to the exact words used by Mr. Gairy. Mr. Mine says that the words were "That is the man, that is Ken Milne." According to Mr. Leslie Seon, who had accompanied Milne, Mr. Gairy first took off his coat then said "We will deal with people like them - There he is, that is the man, - that is Ken Milne."

According to Asst. Supt. of Police Innocent Belmar, what he heard the premier say was:- "You leave your meeting and you come quite here to provoke me --- this man in the crowd there - this man in the crowd there - You - You left your meeting and you come quite here raising your hat at me - You are my enemy."

According to Mr. Gairy, what he said was "You see what Ken Milne is doing, I could not do that in their meeting," referring to another public meeting held by the New Jewel Movement at Sea Moon, a short distance away.

One thing is clear and that is that whatever it was Mr. Gairy said several persons in the crowd took the words he used as a call for instant action and savagely attacked Mr. Milne, who was eventually rescued by some police constables and taken away from the scene in a police vehicle to the Princess Alice Hospital.

During the melee shots were fired and a woman injured.

A man named Norbert St. Bernard who accompanied Milne and Seon has been charged in connection with the shooting and the charges are now pending before the Courts.

There was no evidence before the Commission as to the identity of the person who assaulted Milne and no charges have been laid by the police or by Milne.

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