Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into the Breakdown of Law & Order, and Police Brutality in Grenada

Part IV

Events Subsequent to November 18, 1973

Paragraph 153. - THE RIOT ON JANUARY 21, 1974 [PART 5] - The evidence of Mrs. Alimenta Bishop

153. The widow of the late Rupert Bishop, Mrs. Alimenta Bishop, was also at Otway House on January 21 and saw much that is helpful in ascertaining the facts. She was in the company of her late husband and daughter Ann.

She heard the speeches at the end of the demonstration and saw Eric Pierre go to the microphone and announce that a set of men were coming down from Mount Royal. She was among those who went into Otway House accompanied by her husband and daughter.

She went into one of the rooms where she, her daughter and a few other school children hid themselves behind a desk. Her husband and Louis Masanto were sitting at the back of the door trying to prevent the people from pushing it in. While in there, she heard gun shots and panes of glass were falling.

After a while she heard some people saying "There are some more upstairs, let's go and get them." They were all scared.

A can of tear gas was thrown into the room. She felt as though she would suffocate. Her daughter was in distress. She opened a water bottle her daughter carried and they both washed their faces.

She then reached the passage outside the door. While standing there, her daughter Ann Bishop came out of the room and said "Mammie, Mammie, they shoot Daddy." She ran to where he was and saw him lying on the floor. The late Rupert Bishop told his wife "They shoot me." She wiped his face and told him that she would remain with him, but he said "go on, go on."

They never spoke again. She saw Inspector Raymond running up the steps. She said to Raymond "You all shoot my husband," and Raymond replied "Don't worry Mrs. Bishop we will take care of him."

Raymond ran down the steps and returned with another policeman and they took Rupert Bishop downstairs. She followed. Her husband was put in a jeep. She said that she wanted to go with her husband, but she says that men told her "Run, run, they are going to get you, they are going to get you."

The street was full of bottles and her daughter sustained two cuts. She and her daughter were escorted by two men wearing gas masks. A man approached her daughter with a cutlass and said "Give me the money you have, give me the money you have." The two men removed their gas masks and pushed the man aside; another man then said "You all wrong, you all wrong, how you all think the Jewel can take over Government."

She and her daughter accepted the invitation of Mrs. Gertrude Bain to remain at her home.

Later that day she reacher her home where a priest brought her the news of her husband's death.

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