Report of the Duffus Commission of Inquiry into the Breakdown of Law & Order, and Police Brutality in Grenada

Part III

The Events of November 18, 1973

Paragraph 101. - An Examination in Detail [Part 10] - The Evidence of David Andrews

101. David Andrews, the Inspector of Police stationed at Grenville on November 18, 1973, varied little in his evidence in chief from that of Belmar.

He had been in the Force for 18 years and had been appointed to act inspector on November 13, 1973.

His evidence was to this effect. At about 3:00 p.m. (15:00) he received a telecommunication call from Belmar. As a result he left the Grenville police station for the junction of Gladstone Road and Sendal Street where he joined Cpl. 186 Andrews and a party of policemen and police aides.

Earlier that day, in the morning, he had spoken to the Commissioner of Police telling him that he understood there will be a meeting at the Grenville cinema by members of the New Jewel Movement and businessmen in St. Andrew's. The Commissioner, Mr. Nugent David, told Andrews to dispatch a party of men there on patrol around that area. Andrews detailed Cpl. 186 Andrews and police aides. The information about the meeting Andrews picked up on the street around Carlyle Mark's building where he heard persons speaking about the meeting.

He dispatched Andrews and the men about 2 p.m. (14:00).

According to Andrews, Belmar told him that he was being chased by two cars with members of the New Jewel Movement and that he was then taking cover at Grand Etang. He instructed Andrews to locate the car and await his arrival at Grenville.

Insp. Andrews says he met Cpl. Andrews and the other men at the junction of Bhola's place. Belmar had not yet arrived. The two cars came. One 2189 was driven by Maurice Bishop and Kenny Radix and the other 1858 driven by Hudson Austin. They parked by Bhola's place and the men came out.

Belmar then arrived with his car. He parked his car on the other side; he came out and spoke to the men. Belmar told them that he suspected them for carrying arms and ammunition and other explosives. He asked Maurice Bishop whether he had any arms and ammunition in his possession. Bishop said no. Austin was also asked and gave the same reply.

He told them that he would like to search the cars and they agreed. Belmar, Insp. Andrews and Cpl. Andrews then started searching car 1858 and under the back seat Belmar found a rifle. He took out the magazine in which were 5 rounds of .303 ammunition. He asked Austin how he came by it but Austin did not answer.

They then went over to car 2189 and carried out a search. In the dashboard compartment Belmar found 15 rounds of .32 bullets. He asked Bishop how he came by it but Bishop did not answer. Belmar then said "Oh, is that all you have to take over the police station. The six of you all are under arrest."

Radix, Austin, and Daniel ran up to Bhola's building and Belmar instructed the police and police aides to carry the other three arrested men to the police station and this was done. Belmar handed the rifle to Cpl. Andrews.

He sent for a loud hailer and "he took about an hour and a half afterwards before H.M. Bhola came and invited Mr. Belmar upstairs."

Andrews returned to the station at 7 o'clock (19:00) together with Belmar and Cpl. Andrews.

He did not see any of the six men who were by then locked in a cell. They had been escorted to the station by police aides and policemen among whom was Constable Rougier.

Andrews said that sometime during the night about 8 - 8:30 (20:00 - 20:30) he heard that the men had been injured but he did not see them or make any inquiry.

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