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Discipline Details


Disciplinary Committee. There shall be a Disciplinary Committee made up of a chief disciplinary officer and two other persons. These shall be appointed by the Central Committee.


Powers/Functions of Disciplinary Committee. The Disciplinary Committee shall be an investigative arm of the Organising Committee. It shall have powers to make recommendations to the Organising Committee and to participate with that Committee in enforcing disciplinary decisions.


The power to take disciplinary measures against a member shall be vested in the first instance in the party organ to which the member belongs. Secondly, in the Disciplinary Committee and Organising Committee jointly and finally in the Central Committee.


A member who violates any of the five (5) criteria of membership or fails to perform duties assigned to him by the Party or who commits offences against the people or who is guilty of behaviour deemed serious by the Party organ to which he belongs or by a higher party organ or who violates the Party Code of Conduct or Constitution shall be called to account by the relevant party organ or shall be called to account by the relevant party organ or directly by the Organising Committee.


The party organ shall investigate the charges against a member and if the member is deemed guilty by a 2/3rds majority, the member shall be subject to one of the following penalties:-

(a) Comradely criticism
(b) further party education
(c) increased party work
(d) admonition
(e) Serious reprimand with entry in membership card
(f) Suspension of member's rights up to a year
(g) Suspension pending disciplinary proceedings by the Disciplinary Committee
(h) Demotion
(i) Expulsion


Those affected by any disciplinary sanction have the right to appeal to the next higher level whose decision shall be final.

In order to be accepted, appeals must be submitted within 30 days of the imposing of the sanction.

Appeals must be examined, heard and decided upon within 90 days of their submission to the relevant party organ.


The imposition of any sanction against any member must be communicated in writing to the Chairman of the Organising Committee within 7 days of such sanction, together with a statement of all the relevant facts. The Organising Committee shall then cause the Disciplinary Committee to conduct a thorough investigation and report back. The Organising committee has the right to revoke or modify the sanction imposed, whether or not an appeal has been lodged by the offending member, whenever it finds it just to do so.


Disciplinary action must be taken by the party organ to which a member belongs if he drops out of consistent activity for a continuous period of two (2) months without reasonable excuse. The Organising Committee must be informed thereafter as to whether or not there has been any improvement in the member's performance.


A member shall forfeit automatically all rights of membership if he drops out of consistent activity for a continuous period of six (6) months without reasonable excuse. The decision as to forfeiture will be made by the Organising Committee after an investigation has been made. The member may appeal this decision to the Political Bureau whose decision shall be final.


Expulsion. A member may not be expelled from the party unless a 2/3rds vote of the Central Committee so decides. The party organ to which a member belongs however, may suspend a member and recommend expulsion to the Organising Committee which shall then cause an investigation to be conducted by the Disciplinary Committee. The report of such investigation, together with the findings of the Organising Committee must then be communicated to the Central Committee for a final decision.

In the event expulsion is contemplated against a member of the the Political Bureau he shall have a right of appeal directly to the Central Committee, without prior investigation by the Organising Committee or the Disciplinary Committee.

Members of the Central Committee, Political Bureau and Organising committee have a right of final appeal to the Congress of the party.

[NOTE: The articles above were included in the NJM Handbook.]

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