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United States Department of State

Washington, D.C. 20520

March 29, 1984

[Stamped UNCLASSIFIED, circa 12/01/95]



SUBJECT: Disposition of the Grenada Documents

The Government of Grenada has requested that the U.S. return the official Grenadian documents removed by US forces following the rescue mission. The documents are being processed (grossly indexed and micro-fiched) by the Defense Intelligence Agency. The documents have been through a preliminary review by analysts from the intelligence community who concentrated on items of Intelligence interest.

DIA will have a batch of some 1000 documents ready for return to Grenada in early April. Another 5500 will be ready for return by the end of the April and, finally, a recently arrived group of 1000-2000 documents should be processed and prepared for release to the Grenadians by mid-June. The micro-fiched copies will be transferred to the National Archives where, after appropriate screening, they will be made available to the public, press and scholars.

It is essential that al documents be returned to Grenada as expeditiously as possible. Prosecutors are preparing legal cases against a number of former government officials, military personnel and New Jewel Movement leaders which the documents would support. Most of the documents are the property of a friendly government; the remainder belong to groups of individual Grenadians. We believe that it is right and proper to return them to the Government of Grenada. We have no further need to maintain the originals for their intelligence value. The issue of authenticity, whether raised now or in the future, will not be a factor in the retention of the originals but will depend upon whether their content is consistent with other sources of historical record.

Pursuant to NSDD 112, we request, therefore, that the President agree to the return of the documents to the Government of Grenada.

{undecipherable signature]

for Charles Hill
Executive Secretary

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