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News Release
re: Stanley Cyrus and James Herry

Release 356/81, Government Informaton Service-Grenada, July 8, 1981

  1. Two well known counter-revolutionaries and agents of the Central Intelligence Agency, Stanley Cyrus and James Herry, have recently stepped up their activities in the region. Both Cyrus and Herry are Grenadians whose passports have been withdrawn. They are wanted in Grenada to answer serious criminal charges in which they are implicated. At no time were they ever members of the New Jewel Movement.

  2. Cyrus and Herry were detained by the authorities in Grenada for counter-revolutionary activities in 1979. They were released on humanitarian grounds just prior to the First Anniversary of the Revolution in March 1980 but immediately thereafter resumed their counter-revolutionary activities.

  3. There is no doubt whatsoever that Stanley Cyrus is an agent of the CIA. The leadership of the New Jewel Movement had over a period of ten years, both before and after the Revolution, received reports from 5 separate sources warning about the activities of Stanley Cyrus as an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency. This information has been completely corroborated. James Herry who formerly resided in Mt. Rich, Grenada was a local accomplice of Cyrus. Prior to his detention, Cyrus made frequent visits to Grenada while employed on the teaching staff of Howard University.

  4. Immediately after their release from detention in 1980 Cyrus and Herry held a press conference in Barbados at which they both stated that neither of them were tortured and that neither of them had any knowledge of any detainee being tortured. It will be insteresting to hear how they explain these two sets of insistent assertions.

  5. In the early days after the triumph of the Revolution, Herry completely without any authority whatsoever attempted to take over command of the St. Patrick's Militia. He was publicly exposed and stripped of all rank and authority in the Militia. He had illegally collected a quantity of arms and ammunition which he refused to hand over to the authorities. Instead he had passed them over to a bank fo counter-revolutionaries in the Mt. Rich area of which he was the leader. He maintained close contact with these counter-revolutionaries specifically with Flen Simon alias Duck and Habib Ali alias Ayub two of his leading accomplices and gang members who were responsible for the brutal murder of five persons in one night and who in another incident wounded 2 militiamen one of whom is permanently paralysed.

  6. Early in June 1980 Glen Simon and Habib Ali who some terrorists whom Cyrus and Herry are trying to paint as heroes attacked three militiamen seriously wounding two of them.

  7. On 19th June 1980 a bomb was detonated at Queen's Park St. George's where a rally was then in progress. The bomb which was placed under the platform on which the leadership of the People's Revolutionary Government and other dignitaries were sitting killed three sisters wounded 97 other persons.

  8. On 17th November 1980, Glen Simon, Habib Ali (conspirators and accomplices of Cyrus and Herry), and others attacked a car and killed all four of its occupants at Plaines, St. Patrick's. On the same night these counter-revolutionaries attacked a camp and killed a militiaman who was then on duty.

  9. Five men and two women have been charged in connection with these brutal murders and have been remained in custody in the Magistrates Court at Sauteurs.

  10. There is strange evidence linking both Cyrus and Herry to these incidents in which 8 persons have been murdered and 99 others have been wounded some of whom were either maimed or paralysed.

  11. Moreover, throughout their numerous trips to the Region both Cyrus and Herry in their public statements and in their public writings including their latest rag "The Grenadian" published out of Trinidad have clearly shown that they are openly engaged in CIA motivated and sponsored counter-revolutionary activity involving conspiracy to overthrow the PRG and to incite persons to violence.

  12. Accordingly formal charges will shortly be laid against Stanley Cyrus and James Herry and regional governments will be requested to co-operate in bringing these fugitives to justice.


NOTE: The newspaper called "The Grenadian: Voice of Liberty" was published June/July 1981 and also in 1982. Coming to a stop for a year, the monthly newspaper was revived February 1983 in issue No. 4. The title was "The Free Grenadian", but this was replaced in March 1983 issue No. 5 as "The Grenadian". In April 1984 the word "FREE" was reinserted. The paper was published by a group called The Patriotic Alliance [of overseas Grenadians] and printed in Trinidad and Tobago. The "agents abroad" of the March 1983 issue are Peter Clyne of Toronto; Sydney Granger of Miami; Wayne Francis in London, Lessie Christopher also in London, James Herry of New York and Keith Mitchell of Washington, DC. The newspaper was considered by the PRG as a 'counter rag' and it was reported that Grenadians with a copy in their possession were considered enemies of the state.


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