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The People's Revolutionary Government of Grenada condemns in the strongest possible terms the treacherous and obscene act of The Group of Nineteen (19) Cricketers, who have joined the infamous trek to South Africa, that contemptible citadel of racism and Apartheid.

It is shocking that for "thirty pieces of silver" sons of Africa would become mercenaries and minstrels for Racist Imperialism and mock and betray their black brothers and sisters who resolutely continue to fight this cancer.

The blow is felt with even more telling force when we reflect on the fact that at this very moment the Racists from Pretoria are bush shedding African blood in Lesotho, when we consider that the patriots of South Africa who dare to resist are being murdered in the streets and villages of that country, when we think of the men and women of Africa who are giving their lives to win freedom for Namibia and defend the sovereignty of Mozambique, and when we consider further, that in a spirit of exemplary internationalism and sacrifice our Caribbean brothers from the socialist island of Cuba are fighting along side our Angolan brothers in the trenches and the bushes of Africa to preserve Angola from the claws of the Racists and Imperialists of South Africa.

It has been the consistent position of the People's Revolutionary Government of Grenada, at the United Nations, in the Commonwealth, The Non-Aligned Movement, at the O.A.S. and in Caricom, that this most repugnant example ever of race relations should be allowed no quarter by the International Community. We have supported measures designed to discourage sporting links with South Africa. This is in fact the essence of the Gleneagles Agreement and Regional Governments have clear responsibility to do everything they can to prevent their sportsmen from travelling to South Africa in accordance with the spirit of this agreement.

Regional Governments should be aware of the possibility of being ostracized by our African and Third World Sister Nations as has recently happened to a well-known Commonwealth Country.

This act of prostitution and of betrayal should serve to remind us, as uncomfortable as the fact may be, that we have here in the Caribbean those who seek an accommodation with the system of Apartheid for a few dollars more. We must work resolutely to expose such elements and eradicate those attitudes. These contemptible mercenaries should not only be condemned outright by our peoples, but punished by us who fervently believe in the principle of the equality of man and the importance of international measures:-

Each of these cricketers, captain and manager included, is from this moment declared Persona Non Grata, that is, prohibited immigrant, in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

All West Indian sportsmen who travel to South Africa will be given similar treatment.

In addition to this measure, we call upon the Governments of those Countries of which these cricketers are citizens to:

1. Take steps to cancel immediately the validity of their travel documents.

2. To confiscate on their return the earnings from the South African venture and to turn this over to the African National Congress (ANC) and South West African People's Organization (SWAPO) to help finance the Anti-Apartheid and National Liberation struggle in Southern Africa.

The swift condemnation and firm action of our Caribbean Governments will serve to reassure our brothers and sisters in South Africa and Southern Africa in general that we continue to stand in unshakeable solidarity with them during their long night of struggle against apartheid, convinced that inevitable the dawn of justice and liberation will break.

St. George's, Grenada
January 13th, 1983

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