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The Correct Way Forward:
Coming To Terms with Revolutionary Priorities and Initiatives

The People's Revolutionary Government struggled within itself and with forces from outside itself for control of the correct way forward. We naturally assume there were challenges in the area of economics, education, foreign policy and issues one might consider as obstacles to grip on. In addition to these challenges, there were threats to lack of control from the following:

The River Antoine Estate

Links include:

Overview and History of the River Antoine Estate

History of the River Antoine Estate from People's Collective Farm

Draft Resolution for the Taking-Over of the River Antoine Estate by the Workers of this Estate and People of La Poterie

Why the Workers Moved

The Workers Demands

Meeting 23 February 1980

PRG Says Workers Aren't Ready

NJM Response to the River Antoine Question Puzzles!

Fight! - Response to Fight newspaper of 10 March 1980

Don't Stop the Workers

Industrial Dispute 14 March 1980

Memo: Luckey Bernard to Maurice Bishop 19 March 1980

2. Hunt for the Holy Herb

3. Centralizing Loose Arms and Ammunition

4. Attempts at Counter-Revolution

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