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The Committee of 22

After the events of 18 November 1973 known as Bloody Sunday, the Committee of 22 [or Organisation of Twenty-two] was formed. The group of organized bodies in the community was represented by the legal counsel of Edwin Heyliger to the Duffus Commission, the members headed by Curtis Stuart and the Rev. Michael Chandoo on behalf of the following -

The Grenada Technical & Allied Workers Union [TAWU]

The Civil Service Association [CSA]

The Grenada Seamen & Waterfront Workers Union [SWWU]

The Grenada Union of Teachers [GUT]

The Commercial & Industrial Workers Union [CIWU]

The Grenada Hotel Association [GHA]

The Grenada Chamber of Commerce Inc. [COC]

The Grenada Masters & Mistresses Association

The League of Concerned Citizens

The Lions Club

The Taxi Owners & Drivers Association

The Interchurch Council

The Headmasters & Headmistresses

The Union of Secondary School Students [USSS]

The Grenada Employers Federation

The Grenada Medical Association

The Grenada Law Society

The Grenada Jaycees

Heads of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist & Presbyterian Churches

The Gas Dealers Association

The Governing Body of Assisted Secondary Schools

The General Workers Union [GWU]

The Rotary Club of Grenada

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