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A Member of the Party must:-

  1. Not indulge in any form of exploitation nor use the Party nor the status derived therefrom to procure any form of exploitative benefit.

  2. Not behave in any manner which can prejudice the well being of the Party or expose its members to public contempt.

  3. Not act or behave irresponsibly, especially at public functions: particularly, drunkenness and drug taking are absolutely prohibited.

  4. Not engage in any form of dishonesty. Members must be honest to themselves, to other members and to the masses in general.

  5. Not make promises knowing at the time they cannot be fulfilled.

  6. Not molest, interfere with or provoke other members of the community.

  7. Not discuss outside of the Party confidential discussions or decisions held or taken at party levels or make public any knowledge which might in any way prejudice the well being of the party or the harmony of its members.

  8. Not act or make important statements for or on behalf of the Party without first obtaining the approval of the central committee or Political Bureau.

  9. Respect all our women sisters and not engage in any relationships which are exploitative, unbecoming or likely to expose the Party to shame, scandal, ridicule, contempt or embarrassment.

  10. Assist the people in our neighbourhoods and in the community whenever possible.

  11. Read socialist or progressive literature for at least one hour each day.

  12. Defend other members of the Party and the Party from all attacks.

  13. Be concerned with all serious problems of all members of the Party and with the problems of the community, the region and the world in general.

  14. Attend all meetings which he is expected to attend.

  15. Give constant education and leadership to candidate members and supporters of the Parry and the broad masses of the people.

  16. Promote and encourage criticism and self-criticism.

  17. Propagate and carry out the policies of the Party, implement its decisions and fulfill every assigned task.

  18. Maintain close ties with the masses, work in their interests and constantly listed to their opinions and demands while avoiding arrogance and ground-godism.

  19. Bring in new party members, enforce Party discipline and constantly consolidate the Party organisation.

  20. Strictly accept any disciplinary measures imposed by the party organ to which he belongs.

  21. Word hard with a view to preparing for the day when his skills, abilities and energies will be fully required.

  22. Always strive to carry out the Membership duties (described in the Party constitution) which he has agreed to perform.

[NOTE: The points above were included in the NJM Handbook.]

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