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The Bomb - Bishop Gone Power Crazy, 30 March 1979 - unsigned

"The BOMB" was a weekly newspaper from Port of Spain, Trinidad. Primarily, its owners/reporter-writers were Ian Gooding, the late Keith [Sheppy] Shepherd and the late Patrick Chookolingo [Choko].

Publishing of the BOMB is confirmed from 1970 through 11 June 1982; but the paper was published beyond that date range. Copies of this newspaper are rare. A collection being processed into microfilm may eventually be available online.

The BOMB's style tended towards the provocative, a "National Enquirer" tell-all tabloid written on a base of common sense. A drift towards the sensational became more pronounced as the years passed.

It was in this newspaper that stories of "Red [Communist] Bishop" and the Cubans originated. Although people claimed outrageousness from the BOMB, this newspaper was one of the few in outright derision of the rise of the Grenada Revolution and most who called themselves 'revolutionaries'.

Consider the article below published in No. 453 of Friday's BOMB of 30 March 1979:

ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY BOMBS were seized by the new Communist regime of Maurice Bishop in Grenada last weekend [03/30/79].

Bishop, who has been telling the world what a lousy leader Eric Gairy was and what a great guy he is, looks like he has gone power crazy in the pattern of his predecessor, and wants the Press to print only what he likes.

Well the BOMB does not operate that way. The BOMB searches for the truth and if Maurice Bishop wants to encourage Press freedom then he has to learn to live with the BOMB because whether he likes it or not the BOMB will continue to be distributed in Grenada.

In fact, if Bishop asks Gairy, he will be told that in spite of the clamp down Gairy put on the BOMB, Grenadians were still getting their BOMB every week.

What seems to have upset Bishop was our front page report last Friday that ten armed Cubans helped in the coup, especially when Mr. Bishop had said categorically that he had no outside help.

But if Bishop is testy about that, what will he say to the prestige ECONOMIST, journal of the UK, which states "Some people fear that it (New Jewel) had Cuban help."

In fact the BOMB is studying the implication of the scrapping of the Grenada constitution and the talk of bringing Gairy back for trial for murder.

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