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A Permanent, Standing Commitment
to Freedom of Worship
(15 February 1980)

An important Radio Free Grenada broadcast by Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. Below is the complete text:

Sisters and Brothers of Free Grenada,

As we prepare for the first anniversary of our historic and glorious people's democratic Revolution of March 13th, there are definite signs of the re-emergence of mischievous and dangerously destabilizing activities by minority elements working among our farmers, agricultural workers, and other sections including the church.

Those elements of whom I speak know who they are and know what they are doing, and what they are hoping to achieve. They should also know by now that the position of the Government is that such destabilisation of the Revolution will not be permitted to continue and that the People's Revolutionary Government will always, as it has done in the past, expose their activities to the people of Grenada confident that the people will take the necessary action.

Tonight, sisters and brothers, I want to let you know of the activities of a few individuals who are trying to use the church and the people's love for their church to bring down the Revolution.

Since the uncovering of the counter-revolution plot last November, the most outstanding characteristic of this period has been the peace, calm and unity maintained throughout the country. Under these conditions the Government has been able to push ahead the development process at a pace never before experienced in Grenada.

Looking Forward to the Second Year of Our Revolution

As we look forward to the second year of our Revolution we see the construction of our International Airport. We see the magnificent $7½ million Housing Construction and Repair Programme for the poor, working people of our country, as well as for civil servants. We see the prospect of improved education for our children in their newly repaired schools. We see the vast road repair programme soon to begin as a result of the $53 million obtained from the European Development Fund, the Caribbean Development Bank and the friendly governments of the Arab countries.

Over fifteen community centres in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique will also be built as a result of these monies. And for the first time, the people of our sister islands of Carriacou, and Petit Martinique will share equally in the development process. Not only will their new airport be opened very soon, but they are to have completely new jetties constructed at Hillsborough and Harvey Vale; all their roads will be re built and they also are to have two new community centres in L'Esterre and Petit Martinique.

The peace and calm in our country has also afforded our people an opportunity to unite and rebuild our communities. During the past three months our people have displayed an energy and enthusiasm never before witnessed in the history of Grenada.

With entirely voluntary effort community centres have been repaired; road signs and bill boards constructed; many miles of roads repaired since the flood damage; and our communities maintained at a high level of cleanliness and good sanitation. The recent voluntary school repair programme demonstrated at an even higher level the willingness of all our people to work together, forgetting past political divisions, for the good of our children. It is now known that the value of the labour materials, and even financial donations contributed by our people during the first two intensive weeks of the school repair programme amounts to over $1 million.

The rate of progress experienced over the past few months has been the direct result of the peace, calm and unity existing in our country. And as we approach the first anniversary of our glorious People's Revolution, the mood strongly felt throughout the country is one of unity, hope, growing excitement and joy.

A Warning and Concrete Evidence of Counter-Revolutionary Activities and Elements

But Sisters and Brothers, I come to warn you tonight that there are local and foreign agents, both inside and outside of Grenada, who are very unhappy about the peace, hope, joy and unity which we are experiencing. They are very unhappy about the tremendous progress which the Revolution has been making. They are determined to turn back the Revolution and their strategy to do this is to create divisiveness, disunity, confusion, disruption and disharmony. They are especially determined to do this in order to dampen, and if possible destroy, the spirit of the first anniversary of our Revolution.

Tonight I want to present to you concrete evidence of counter-revolutionary activities by a few individuals seeking to use the Church to create just such confusion and disharmony. Before I present this evidence, however, let me remind you that it would not be the first time that we have faced attempts to bring down the Revolution.

The first attempts to derail the Revolution were experienced when Gairy himself contacted mercenaries in the U.S.A. You will remember that a letter from one of these mercenary types, Frank Mabry Jr. to Gairy was discovered in the early weeks of our Revolution.

The exposure of this attempt only increased the determination of our people to resist any return to dictatorship. You will remember also that for several months leading up to the counter-revolutionary plot last November a most vicious local and foreign propaganda campaign was launched against the Grenada Revolution. We remember the constant lies being printed in the Torchlight, the Trinidad Express and other Caribbean and international newspapers.

We remember the rumours that were circulated alleging divisions within our Party and also regarding plans by the People's Revolutionary Government to seize people's land, house, goats, pigs and so on, to ration food, to prevent 18-40 year olds from leaving the country. Despite the intensity of the smear campaign our people remained firmly behind the Revolution, and their confidence in the Revolution and the Revolutionary Government was confirmed when papers discovered at the home of one of the plotters revealed that the rumours had been the result of a carefully planned campaign of lies.

Sisters and brothers, you will remember also that during the three weeks before the counter-revolutionary plot there were attempts to manipulate students, rastas, dock workers, electricity workers and other militant supporters of the Revolution as part of the plot to weaken our people's overwhelming support for the Revolution.

Direct Overthrow Attempts

Finally, last October and November, there were two direct attempts, using criminal elements in the Police Force, to violently overthrow the People's Revolutionary Government and the Revolution itself, to burn down the whole of St. George's and St. John's, invade the country, and to execute mass slaughter of the people. The plotters were caught red-handed just two and a half hours before they were due to start their deadly activities. That attempt to crush the People's Revolution and return Grenada to the days of Gairyism also ended in total failure.

And so tonight, sisters and brothers, it should not come as a surprise to us that counter-revolution is once again rearing its ugly head. Today, the counter-revolutionaries, a tiny minority of foreign priests, have laid careful plans to sabotage the Revolution seeking to create a quarrel and a conflict between the People's. Revolutionary Government and the Church where no such conflict exists, seeking to turn our people against the Revolution by making the Revolution appear to be against religion, when it is not, and when these elements know that it is not.

I want to lay before you now, some of the evidence of this dreadful plan which the People's Revolutionary Government has discovered.

The "Dear Jonathan" Letter

Recently a number of documents came into our possession. One of them was a letter written in the past few weeks by a few priests belonging to a particularly well known order of the church. We know the names of these priests and they, of course, will know themselves. One of these priests is presently based in Trinidad but he used to be based in Grenada and now maintains regular contact with this small group here. This letter was addressed to another member of their order in England and amounts to a request for political help to engage in activities of a destabilizing and counter-revolutionary character. The letter begins, and I quote:

"Dear Jonathan,

As the English Provincial Chapter approaches we would like to put a very serious proposal to you.

The political situation in Grenada is developing rapidly. The island is becoming politically isolated within the English speaking Caribbean as an object of fear to all other territories which, like Trinidad and Barbados, aspire to the ideology and life style of the Western capitalist block. It is also attracting a great deal of attention in the diplomatic services of Britain and the U.S.A.

Within Grenada whatever political ideas may be entertained by the handful of people responsible for the People's Revolutionary Government (P.R.G.) are becoming submerged under a massive Cuba influence. Cuba, Angola, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Kampuchea are now upheld as the models of the development of a free Third World State. Grenada was the only Caribbean State to vote with Cuba against the U.N. resolution on the invasion of Afghanistan. A large number of young people have taken up university scholarships in Cuba. The Government is exercising more and more control over the dissemination of news and information. The great majority of the people are completely behind the Government in their aspirations to construct a new free society, independent of American and all European influence in which they hope to discover their identity as a people, (as Caribbean people).

The place of Christianity in this new vision remains problematic. There is a good deal of atheist indoctrination especially in the Army. It is only too easy to caricature the religion of the white God as just one more colonial imposition which is, at best, irrelevant to Caribbean aspirations. But the population as a whole remains deeply attached to Christianity and the Government is trying hard to show that it has no quarrel with the church. But the ultimate aim may well be to reduce it to a harmless and irrelevant organisation for children and old people and towards this end they are able to draw on twenty years of Cuban experience.

Faced with this situation the Bishop and clergy are in disarray. There is a lack of any common analysis of the situation and of a common policy of adjustment to it. We are out of our depth.

Over the last twenty years there has been much interest in Marxism among the brethren in England, and much talk about a Christian Marxist dialogue. Many of the brethren are probably better read in modern Marxist ideology than any of the members of the P.R.G. Grenada offers them a tiny but significant field of experience in which to test out their theories and aspirations, an opportunity to preach the gospel is a predominantly Marxist oriented society, while at the same time cooperating and assisting in the effort to construct a just human society. Grenada, therefore, poses an interesting challenge to English Dominicans, an opportunity to put theory into practice in a very small theatre of operations.

We would like you therefore, to circulate this letter to all the brethren in the hope that three of four might feel called to respond to this challenge and help us to discover an effective way of preaching the gospel in a Marxist situation for the building up of a strong local church and in forming a group of Caribbean Dominicans who will have to live and work in a increasingly Marxist Caribbean. The fact that they are English and white will certainly be against them, but for the moment it is no insuperable disadvantage. Their lack of knowledge about the local situation, of how people think and feel, need not hamper them for long. We have all had to learn this. There would be little difficulty, at present, about their entering the country to work as priests, even though it be privately agreed among us that their work as priests might be very different from that usually done in the area. There is great opportunities to influence the situation through preaching, adult education, youth work and perhaps even journalism—the church is planning to start a newspaper.

We make this appeal to you as we are assembled to further develop our plans for the future Caribbean province to emerge from our different vicariates in the region. As we consider the problem of what specific contribution, if any, a future Dominican province might make to the church in the Caribbean—whether there is, in fact, any room for an order like ours to make a specific contribution—the problem of Grenada comes to our minds and the opportunities it offers for a very Dominican kind of work. But we have no men to begin with. We are persuaded that whatever happens in Grenada may have a profound effect on the work of the church in the whole area."

Sisters and brothers, I am sure by now that you are shocked and disgusted as we were when we first read this letter. Obviously, there are many comments that could be made on this letter. There is much in it that is not true and can be responded to. In fact, much of it reminds me very much of the vicious campaign of rumor mongering which was launched last year by counter-revolutionary elements.

I do not intend to respond to the individual misrepresentations and falsehoods. Nor do I intend at this time to respond to any of the individual points in the nine paragraphs of this letter, but simply want to invite you to examine with me the deep and sinister implications of six specific quotations in the letter.

What these quotations show is the clear intention of this handful of priests while masquerading behind the cloak of religion, to abandon their traditional and perfectly acceptable role of ministers of religion to become instead direct political activists and professional agitators. The quotations clearly show that their aim is to create a political organization within the bowels of the church that will use a political newspaper operating under cover of being a religious newspaper to spread their political views. Further, it is clear that they aim to use our beloved country as an experimental laboratory and base from which their views and their conception of a new role for the church can be exported to the rest of the Caribbean.

Consideration of Six Quotations from the "Dear Jonathan" letter

Let us consider the six quotations.

The First Quotation from the "Dear Jonathan" letter

The first reads as follows, and I quote from them:

"The great majority of the people are completely behind the Government in their aspiration to construct a new, free society independent of American and all European influence in which they hope to discover their identity as a people, as a Caribbean people."

What this clearly shows sisters and brothers, it that these people clearly understand that the aims and objectives of the Revolution are to create a new and better life for a new and conscious people The quotation also clearly shows that this foreign minority elements who are not inspired by any feelings of patriotic love and concern for our country and its betterment understand very well one of the most fundamental characteristics of our Revolution that it is a popular Revolution with, as they correctly say, the support of the "great majority of the people". And because they understand these facts it is very clear that their concern is not with democratically supporting the views of the majority, not with encouraging the tremendous sense of national unity, national pride, national consciousness, national and collective self reliance which we now have, but instead their concern is at all costs to fight to ensure that their own backward and oppressive ideas continue to be dominant in our country.

The Second Quotation from the "Dear Jonathan" letter

The second quotation which I want to read to you is the following:

"The population as a whole remains deeply attached to Christianity and the government is trying hard to show that it has no quarrel with the church."

What this quotation in the final analysis means is that these foreign minority elements are opposed to church-state cooperation. What it further shows is that they understand the ever-increasing amount of cooperation between the People's Revolutionary Government and the different churches in our country are deeply annoyed about that.

Recall the Gairy Days

I am sure that they remember very well that in the days of Gairy priests were being deported and made to face constant threats of deportation, sometimes even for refusing to attend Gairy's so called 'National Days of Prayer'. These priests will, no doubt, remember that Gairy even went to the extent of writing out his own prayers which he then forced them to read on their pulpits. I am sure that this minority cannot have forgotten Gairy's total contempt for the church, and his constant refusal to meet with the Grenada Conference of Churches and other church bodies unless it was to lambaste them, or to beg political favours.

Can these elements have forgotten Gairy's constant abusing of the church on his radio station? Remember for example, his statements during the 1977 public servants wage dispute. These elements also surely remember the trips made and the letters sent by Gairy to Archbishop Pantin of Trinidad, the R. C. Cardinal of Haiti and to the Pope himself in his desperate attempt to remove the Bishop of St. George's from Grenada.

In the short period of 11 months they could not have forgotten that Gairy believed he was God, that he encouraged the exhibition of his photographs in churches, that he chastised those priests who were opposed to reading his blasphemous, obscene and violence-oriented prayers with the words "I read your prayers, why can't you read mine"? They also could not have forgotten his notorious statement in Parliament in 1978 "he who opposes me, opposes God" but instead of this abuse and non-cooperation, the church has received the fullest cooperation, respect and non-interference from our Government and Revolution.

The Record of the Revolution's Cooperation with the Church

Our record has been and our position today continues to be one of total cooperation—duty free concessions, help in fixing church property, help in fixing church schools, full and prompt payment of government grants to church schools, regular meetings between the Prime Minister and church leaders on a wide range of issues when the discussions have been frank, free, cordial and constructive, total freedom of religious worship, complete support for religious education in all schools and so on.

We have cooperated in this way because we recognize and respect the people's desire for moral and spiritual upliftment. This is why we have not attempted to interfere with the church in its function of ministering to the moral and spiritual needs of our people. This is why we have not attempted, like Gairy, to tell priests what prayers they can say or even cannot say, to force them to come to political national days of prayer . This is the policy we intend to continue to follow but it is clear that this minority foreign clique wants disunity, non cooperation and struggle between church and state in order to better achieve their political ambitions.

The Third Quotation from the "Dear Jonathan" letter

The third quotation I am about to read illustrates this point even better. Because what it shows is that this minority element is not prepared to accept the guidance and leadership role of even their Bishop. This quotation reads

"faced with this situation the Bishop and clergy are in disarray."

In other words, until these elements are able to achieve their objectives and to assume full control they will not be prepared to accept the views of democratic elements within the church who are against strife, confusion and political involvement and activity of the church.

The Fourth Quotation from the "Dear Jonathan" letter

The fourth quotation is really a series of quotations which show that what these priests aim to create is a church led by professionally-trained counter-revolutionaries. To quote their letter the new kind of priests they want to see brought to Grenada are of the type, and I quote, who:

"are probably better read in modern Marxist ideology than any of the members of the People's Revolutionary Government .... Grenada offers to them a tiny but significant field of experiment in which to test out their theories and aspirations, an opportunity to put theory into practice in a very small theatre of operations (note the warlike phrase) an opportunity to form a group of Caribbean Dominicans who will have to live and work in an increasingly Marxist Caribbean".

What is intended by these gentlemen is to bring into Grenada a new kind of priest whose concern will not be to minister to the spiritual needs of our people but who will be specially trained, specially equipped and specially prepared. Professional political people using the frock of the priesthood to engage in direct political activity.

The Fifth Quotation from the "Dear Jonathan" letter

Anyone who is in doubt at all about their true intentions should carefully consider this next quotation. And I quote:

"There would be little difficulty at present about their entering the country to work as priests even though it be privately agreed between us that their work as priests might be very different from that usually done in the area."

Absolutely no room for doubt. What they are clearly doing here is engaging in a conspiracy or as they put it a "private agreement" to import priests into our country who would not be engaged in the usual priestly functions but direct political activity.

And perhaps this is a good point to remind you, sisters and brothers, some years ago President Ford and in the last few weeks, President Carter both refused, under pressure from churches in America, to stop using priests as CIA agents in other countries. It is obvious that these American Presidents recognize the great value and real potential for direct political activity by political agents posing as priests.

The Sixth Quotation from the "Dear Jonathan" letter

Let me read you the last quotation because it shows the methods that these elements will employ to spread their political views and engage in their disruptive activities. This quotation reads:

"There are great opportunities to influence the situation through preaching, adult education, youth work and perhaps even journalism—the church is planning to start a newspaper."

I want you sisters and brothers to remember that this letter was written in the past few weeks. In fact, at exactly the same time as this letter was being written discussions were going on in the Roman Catholic Church about publishing a local newspaper right here in Grenada. From the quotations above it becomes obvious that the few priests who wrote this letter were already planning to utilize the opportunities provided by a local church newspaper in order to spread their political poison and sow the seeds of discord and disunity. And this is yet another lesson for us as it once again shows how easy it is for mischievous or disruptive or opportunist or destabilizing or counter-revolutionary minority elements to manipulate and use unsuspecting groups of people or institutions for their own sinister ends.

As you know, the newspaper referred to in the last quotation did in fact appear on our streets last week end for the first time. It was called the "Catholic Focus" and it was sold all around Grenada not just in churches but even on the streets by newspaper boys. As you also know, by now, the publication of that paper was illegal as it was printed by the Torchlight Newspaper Company in defiance of People's Law No. 81, which forbids a newspaper company from publishing a newspaper if there are individuals in the company who own more than 4% of the shares. When the fact of this illegality was brought to the attention of Bishop Charles he immediately agreed to withdraw publication.

However, it was made very clear to Bishop Charles that the existing publication of the Roman Catholic newspaper "Dateline St. George's" can continue as usual. We have no doubt and have accepted the assurance of Bishop Charles that neither he nor most members of his clergy had any knowledge of the sinister plan of the minority priests who were planning to use the newspaper for their own political ends.

I must also bring to your attention Sisters and Brothers that the dangerous plan to use the church as a base of political subversion outlined in the letter is already being implemented.

Excerpt, a Special Branch Department report

I want to read you a quotation from a very recent top secret report given to me by the Special Branch Department of our Police Service. The report begins:

"A series of publications are being put out by elements in the Church. Most of those published so far are aimed at showing that N.J.M. and the People's Revolutionary Government are communists. According to my sources, one of whom is a priest, it is the deliberate intention of these publications to distort the policies, programmes and objectives of the N.J.M. and People's Revolutionary Government so as to make them appear as communistic.

My source pointed out that the church itself was very divided on this question and some priests regarded this activity as dangerous and were opposed to any political activity on the part of the church. My source further pointed out that he was convinced that there was a minority of priests who were nonetheless going to engage in this activity regardless of the views of the majority and that they were being supported in this by some members of the party.

According to my source, the plan of this minority is to build up a mass readership for the tracts, newspaper and other publications on the basis of their being purely religious publications. Then, after several issues and once the number of readers is very large, more and more open and direct attacks on the Revolution will begin.

The articles aim at creating fear in the minds of the religious. So far five have been published in the series the first three being small leaflets. Number four was "Civic Freedoms" and number 5 "Some Notes On Marxism-Leninism". The attached copies of numbers 4 and 5 will show that they are being printed in a folded four page format. The sixth publication is in the making, but no definite date has been given as to when they will be out."

The report then goes on to state who does the typing, where the typing takes place, which priests and lay men are involved in the writing and production of the publication and where they are published.

Since the presentation of this Special Branch Report, more evidence of this publishing activity has come to hand. For instance, the one page throw away already referred to, entitled "Essential Teachings of Marxist Communism", pretends to be about communism but its aim really is to show that Revolution and communism are the same thing and that both involve class warfare and violence.

Notice brothers and sisters that these people deliberately link revolution with an attempt to promote warfare and violence between people of different classes, even though they cannot help but be aware of the firm and constant attempts by the People's Revolutionary Government to promote unity, harmony and peace among all the people of our country.

A large number of small printed tracts in red, blue, brown and purple colours have also been circulated recently. Most of these are purely religious and others make general political statements about Human Rights, about Christians not adhering to any human ideology and so on. Again, I can only repeat that evidence from the Special Investigative Branch of our Police indicates that the plan of the minority elements is to create a mass readership for these tracts and then to gradually begin direct attacks on the Revolution.

Meanwhile, some direct attacks on the Revolution have already begun from one or two priests, both through sermons in the pulpits as well as private conversations with their parishioners. For instance, we have received a complaint from the people in one area of the country that a foreign priest two weeks ago stated from the pulpit that:

"People are saying that this Government is God-sent and praising it but this Government is not God-sent because there is no justice in Grenada. The people are not free to say what they want. The people are being silenced."

You can judge for yourself what these remarks are aimed at achieving.

Sisters and Brothers, most serious is the very possibility that this attempt to use the church against the Revolution may very well be coordinated both internally and externally. In fact it is very likely that there is a coordinated plan against the Revolution utilising religion, from both foreign as well as local sources.

The Life Study Fellowship letter

I want to read you now a letter which many Grenadians have received during the past few weeks. This letter—a professionally printed 1 page sheet—came to Grenadians who have been subscribing to the Life Study Fellowship, in order to receive their religious literature. The Life Study Fellowship has its world headquarters in Norton, Connecticut, U.S.A. The letter reads:

"Dear Friend,

A short time ago you wrote to Life Study Fellowship ...and you haven't heard from us... the reason is due to your strict governmental regulations.

All Life Study Fellowship literature is sent out free, without a subscription price, and therefore relies on the voluntary financial support of those who receive Life Study material. We realize your strict governmental regulations will not allow you to do this. Therefore, it would become difficult for us to continue mailing our material for very long under these conditions. Also we realize that it may be a burden or an embarrassment for you to be receiving material to which you cannot give help or support.

Therefore, in order to avoid further problems or complications for you, or to have you waiting to hear from us, we feel we must let you know right from the start that we cannot send material to your country. We are sorry to have to tell you this, and we hope that in the future, conditions may be easier for you to write to us.

You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.


Your friends in
Life Study Fellowship"

1 want you to notice Sisters and Brothers that the letter states that this religious society will have to stop sending its literature to Grenada because the Government will not allow people to send money out of the island as subscriptions for religious literature. As you know this is a complete lie. All Grenadians are permitted to take or send out of the country up to $3,000 per year, a regulation which was in force even from before the Revolution. In fact, our foreign exchange regulations are more generous than those of many Caribbean islands yet this letter represents an attempt by a foreign source to make it appear that there are governmental regulations which prevent our people from obtaining religious literature from abroad freely.

The evidence which I have presented to you tonight indicates not only a concrete plan to bring in foreign priests to subvert our Revolution but also that there is another plan to sabotage the Revolution through making it appear to be dictatorial, violent and opposed to the church and religion.

Yet the evidence also shows clearly that far from being opposed to the church the People's Revolutionary Government has during its years in office cooperated fully with the church, has allowed the church the fullest freedom to conduct its religious activities free from the fear of harassment which it constantly suffered under the Gairy dictatorship and has assisted the church materially, wherever possible, in its attempt to improve the quality of life for our People.

It is our belief that the church and the State have two separate roles to perform. Our people look to their church for spiritual guidance and to their Government for political leadership and we believe that this separation of Church and State is correct. The biblical phrase 'render to Caesar the things which are Caesar's and to God the things which are of God' represents a correct belief that the functions of the church and of the State are and should be different.

Our Fullest Commitment to Freedom of Worship and Religion—Permanent and Standing—Now and Forever

We repeat again our fullest commitment to freedom of worship and religion. We make this a permanent, standing commitment—now and forever.

Likewise, we guarantee our fullest, continued cooperation with the church in al! areas which will bring social and material benefits to our people, in education, in health care, community activities and so on. We have not in the past attempted to tell the church how to conduct its religious activities and we have absolutely no intention of doing so in the future.

But by the same token we are not prepared to allow the church or elements within the church to carve out a new political role for themselves that will provide them the opportunity to use their influence and standing as religious leaders to engage in counter-revolutionary activities against the interests of the people.

We have stated in the past and we repeat again now that destabilization, sabotage and other forms of counter-revolution which threaten the re-building of our society will not be tolerated, and this is so regardless of who is involved or where the counter-revolution comes from.

Considering the End of the Revolution

Consider sisters and brothers, who will be the losers if the Revolution is turned back or overthrown?

What would the end of the Revolution mean for our people?

It would mean no new International Airport. No more free milk for our school children. It would mean no more house repairs for our poorest people. It would mean an end to the construction of new roads, houses and community centres. It would mean an end to the process of development which has begun—an end to the development of our new farms, our emergent fishing industry and agro-industries, and the expansion of our tourist industry. It would mean too the end of freedom and the return to dictatorship, this one even worst than the Gairy dictatorship, for violent dictatorship is the only way in which the majority of our people who support our Revolution could be crushed into submission by the counter-revolutionaries.

We of the People's Revolutionary Government are determined that this shall not happen and we call on the people to stand with us in resisting and beating back the unnecessary and artificial crises which counter-revolutionaries are trying to promote. Make no mistake about it, these counter-revolutionary elements are in reality the enemies of both the local Church and the State. We call on our people, in this period leading up to March 13th—be alert and vigilant in your defense of the Revolution. Do not allow any minority elements—regardless of who they are—to attempt to—mislead or confuse you.





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