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Bishop Speech - Address to the Launching of R.F.G.'s Medium Wave Transmitter, Beausejour, Grenada,
11 March 1982

Comrades of the Political Bureau and Central Committee of our Party,
Comrade Ministers and members of the People's Revolutionary Government,
Dear Comrade Jose Risquet,
Distinguished Comrades Ambassadors from several countries here to celebrate with us our third anniversary of the Revolution,
Beloved Sisters and Brothers,
Comrades all of Free Grenada.


Comrades, today is yet another historic day for our country, another day in a very short period of time when once again our people are making history. Today is a historic day, comrades, because for the first time in the history of our country as a result of the opening of this new medium wave transmitter we will have the capacity to reach every corner, to reach every nook and cranny, to reach every tree, every blade of grass, every grain of sand in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

Today, is also historical, comrades, because apart from our own country we now acquire today the capacity to reach all of the territories in the English-speaking Caribbean. We can now on medium wave also hear the voice of Free Grenada when we speak.

It is also history, comrades, because apart from our country and apart from the English-speaking Caribbean we now also have the capacity to reach several countries in Central America and in Latin America when the people of Grenada speak on the airwaves and together with that we now also acquire the capacity to even reach at the best time parts of North America, parts of the United States itself. That, comrades, is a tremendous advance for us.


And the truth and the reality is that this ability on the part of the Revolution is coming at an especially critical time, at a time when United States propaganda against the Grenada Revolution, against the Cuban Revolution, against the Nicaraguan Revolution, against the fighting people of El Salvador once again assumed strident proportions.

This comes at an important time, comrades, because when they come out with their lying propaganda; when they come out and they say against our country that this country has no democracy we will now have the ability to reply immediately and tell the people of the Caribbean and of the region the true and real and popular explosion of democracy that has taken place in this country over this past three years. We will now have that ability. The people of the region, comrades will now have the opportunity when imperialism spreads its lies in its newspapers and on its radio stations that the economy of our country has not been going forward, we will now be able now to respond with the facts and figures. We will be able now to speak of the great job of diversification that is taking place in the economy. We will be able now to speak of the tremendous infrastructal improvements which have taken place in the economy. We will be able now to speak of new crops, of new products, to speak of our agro-industrial plant, of our fisheries plant, of our quarry, asphalt and stone crushing plant. We will be able to let the people of the region know that in such a short time this Revolution, and this people have made tremendous economic strides.


When thy come with their lies, comrades, when they try to pretend that in this country our people have no voice, we will now be able to read for them, not only the editorials from the "Free West Indian", our national newspaper, but also from "Fight", the newspaper of our youths, from the "Workers Voice", the workers newspaper of our country, articles from the "Womens Newsletter", the voice of the women of our country, articles from "Fork", the voice of the farmers of our country, articles from "Cutlass", the voice of the agricultural workers in our country. Instead of one newspaper in the old days, over seven newspapers now speak for the free people of our country, The region can now hear about this.

And, comrades, it is a very great thing that today, the 11th of March, is the day that we have chosen for this ceremony because on the 11th of March 1973, our glorious party, the New Jewel Movement was formed. On that day, nine years ago, when our party was formed what was born then was a party of courage, a party of struggle, a party of constant communication and daily rapport and involvement with the people of our country.

It was because of our party, the NJM, that democracy was able to return to our country on the 13th of March 1979. It was because of our party, the NJM, that the struggles of our people over the years continued to be fought. Because this party of ours was not a party for only hot sun and good weather. This party of ours is a party of all seasons, a party that comes out when the sun is hot and also when the rain is falling, a party that came out when the times were good and also when the licks were sharing and our people were being murdered and brutalised, a party of struggle, a party of sacrifice.


And, comrades, it is also a good thing that today the 11th of March, in this run up to the 13th of March that we are opening this new transmitter because today is the day when our party and government has selected to be the day of solidarity with the people of Angola.

Today is Angola day in our country, and the people of Angola today, are a people under attack, are a people who are daily being massacred, are a people who have suffered ever 1400 invasions of their country over the past five and a half years, invasions which have become bolder and bolder, invasions which are usually led by South Africa, that bastion of racism and brutality, which is openly. and publicly backed by Ronald Reagan and his war clique in the United States.

Today, comrades, as we commemorate the struggle of the people of Angola, as we express our solidarity with them it is a very good day for this radio station to be opened because the people of Angola and the people of Grenada have one very good thing in common, Our poor people of Angola and Grenada have in common the friendship, the support, the solidarity of the revolutionary people and government of Cuba and that is very important thing for our processes.


Just as our Cuban brothers and sisters have given internationalist assistance to Angola, so they have given internationalist assistance to Grenada. Just as the revolutionary people of Cuba have sent their dear sons and daughters to fight and die on the soil of Angola, so too in Grenada one of the outstanding Cuban internationalist workers, a comrade by the name of Raymon Quintana, also gave his blood on Grenadian soil on a day when he was giving voluntary assistance to the international airport project.

The people of Angola and the people of Grenada will remember the tremendous internationalism of our Cuban people, an internationalism for which our Cuban comrades have paid the price in blood, an internationalism which their great leader, Comrade Fidel Castro, has characterised as repaying their debt to humanity. And if that is how our Cuban comrades repay their debt to humanity, then all I can say is that we in Grenada must work very hard to reach the day when we, too, will have to pay the debt to humanity. That is something which we have to work very, very hard for.

Comrades, with this new radio transmitter, and with the tremendous new range that our radio station will now get on the medium wave it is obvious that we are going so have a bigger responsibility as a people, It is obvious that we are going to have to ensure that whenever news leaves our radio station destined for the ears of our sisters and brothers in the Caribbean and in the Americas we mast make sure that that news is good, solid, productive news. We must make sure that that news reflects what we have been trying to achieve. We must make sure that that news continues to demonstrate the achievements of our Revolution. We must make sure that the people of the Caribbean are not disappointed. That means that our radio journalists, our broadcasters, our technicians at Radio Free Grenada have an additional responsibility that as revolutionaries, they will have to live up to.


Unlike a newspaper, comrades, where you might come out once a day, or twice a week, or once a week and therefore you have enough time to reflect and correct what you are saying, with a radio station, you have no time for reflection. The news comes out by seconds and by minutes and every time the news comes out, and every time anything is said on the radio station, it immediately becomes a permanent symbol and a permanent mark of what our country stands for. Therefore, our broadcasters have a great, great responsibility, to be serious, to be dedicated, to make sure that every single word that they say on Radio Free is a word that will bring credit and reflect glory on our people and our Revolution. That is a high responsibility but we believe that our sisters and brothers are up to it, are ready for it, and will live up to the expectations of all of our people in this area. We certainly wish them all success with the new transmission ability that they have now acquired.

Comrades, as I speak about news and how news comes over on a daily and a secondly basis think of our sisters and brothers in Suriname under their revolutionary leaders. Comrade Desi Bouterse, the commander-in-chief of the revolutionary armed forces of Suriname was in our country not long ago and we recall today the modesty, the revolutionary humility, the uprightness, the sincerity of Comrade Bouterse.


We recall today, sisters and brothers. that the people of Suriname have struck on a new road for themselves a few years age, and the fact that only a few hours ago rightwing adventurers, reactionaries in Suriname attempted to lead a coup de tat in that country, must be another reminder for us for eternal vigilance, must be another reminder to us that our revolutionary process has the duty and the responsibility to ensure continued vigilance, reminds us that like the people of the Seychelles discovered terrorism is potentially always around the corner, and like the people of Nicaragua discovered a few weeks ago when a planted bomb went off at Managua's international airport.

Eternal vigilance is the price that those who choose to build revolutions must take. And, comrades, today as we stand here and reflect on those struggles and reflect on our own struggle, over the years, we are very, very, confident that our people here in Free Grenada like the Cuban people before us will continue to march on, will continue to make history, will continue to stand up, will continue to work harder, to produce more and to build our revolutionary country.


I want to end by joining with the comrades before me, Comrade Kamau Mc Barnette, the secretary of information and manager of RFG, and Comrade Selwyn Strachan, our minister National Mobilisation, in first of all thanking the people and government of Cuba for their revolutionary and fraternal assistance in helping us to ensure that today we can launch this new medium wave transmitter. Enough cannot be said of the all-rounded and fraternal assistance we have received from the Cuban people: assistance for the international airport, assistance for fisheries, assistance for our asphalt and stone crushing plant, in our Sandino prefabricated concrete, tile-making and block-making plant, assistance in education, assistance ranging over nearly every possible area of Grenada's economy and of our society at large. Enough praise cannot be given to these comrades for their selflessness.

But, toady, I also want to place on the record as other comrades have done before me our tremendous appreciation for the very hard work of the Grenadian and Cuban workers and technicians who have worked to construct this beautiful building before us and who have come to build the actual transmitter that will ensure that the voice of our people gets carried to the region.

Comrades, toady is a day that we should recognise that assistance and all of us in this year of economic construction must move rapidly to try to emulate what these Grenadian and Cuban workers have done in a very, very short period of time.

Long live the voice of the People of Free Grenada,
Long live RFG,
Long live the people of Cuba,
Long live the commander-in-chief of the Cuban Revolution,
Long live friendship, solidarity and co-operation between the people of Cuba and Grenada,
Long live fraternal co-operation with the people of the oppressed world, Comrades, long live the people of Free Grenada,
Long live the Grenada Revolution
Forward ever, forward ever, forward ever.

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